Injustice 3 - who do you want to see in it?
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Injustice 3 - who do you want to see in it?
07/05/2019 06:29 AM EDT

Assuming a third game is made (logical assumption), who would you want to see in the game--including who you think should be the final boss? Obviously Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman will be in the game, so it's kind of pointless to mention them.

For me, I'd love to see Coagula, from the Rachel Pollack run on Doom Patrol, introduced. Her powers (coagulating liquids and dissolving solids) might make her too difficult to interpret into a fighting game, but it would be interesting to see her. Another Doom Patrol member I'd love to see would be Rebis. Or if they wanted to go with quite a challenge, maybe go with Danny the Street and find out how to basically make a stage into a fighter (probably would never happen).

Not going with Doom Patrol, I would want to see Nia Nal from the Supergirl TV series, maybe also introduce Fire and/or Ice, and the Creeper would be nice, too. They could also try to bring members of the Marvel Family back in (I know they're the "Shazam family" now, but I prefer their original name), and I'd prefer Mary Marvel. Still, Coagula will always be the character I would most want to see.

When it comes to the final boss, I think the Anti-Monitor is an easy one to go with, but if NetherRealm doesn't want to go that big yet, then they could try to do something different and have the final boss be Starro. Yeah, not humanoid, and all that, but that's why such a character would be different and a challenge. Or for an easier to do boss who isn't reality-shattering like the Anti-Monitor, Monarch is always one they could consider.

And how about some guest characters I'd like to see? Well, I'd of course most prefer one of my characters make it in, but I'm talking characters who might in any way be realistic to be included (nobody reads my webcomic, let alone it be popular enough to be incentive for DLC). From Mortal Kombat, I would think Liu Kang would be a logical choice. But they could throw people for a loop and have Shao Kahn be (one of) the MK character(s) instead of a good guy, as he's iconic enough to the series for people to want to download him. But from other comics, I would kind of like to see the Tick, but maybe NetherRealm wouldn't want to go with a comedic character. But maybe they could dip further into the Image Comics well after including Spawn in MK11 and include Witchblade, Savage Dragon, or Invincible. Non-Image (or the Tick) characters that would be fun would be Judge Dredd or Scud the Disposable Assassin (well, another more comedic one, but still).

I know, I didn't mention returning characters I'd like to see, but I wanted to speculate on new-to-the-series characters myself. Feel free to say who you would like to see return, though.

Pipe dream characters are my character of Flame Thrower (from my webcomic the Almighty Protectors), Mindmistress (from the webcomic Mindmistress), Kid Mischief (from the comic Pride High), Fusion (from the webcomic Fusion), Blue Valkyrie (from the webcomic Blue Valkyrie), and Go!Anna (from the webcomic Magellan)--among others, but those are big ones I thought of.

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RE: Injustice 3 - who do you want to see in it?
08/10/2019 07:30 AM EDT
08/13/2019 06:49 AM EDT

Only including new heroic choices: Miss Martian, Creeper, Aqualad, Hourman, Mr Terrific, Blue Devil, Uncle Sam, Human Bomb, Red Tornado, Metal Men, Mr Miracle, Big Barda, Grifter, Alan Scott, Question, Icon, Fire, Ice, Simon Baz, Soranik Natu, Sodam Yat, Indigo-1 and Etrigan.

Villainous roster choices: Despero, Mongul, Felix Faust, Eclipso, Black Hand, Shade, Larfleeze, Bleez and Circe.

It might be a great ending to Injustice to see Dr Destiny warping reality which makes the story go crazy and brings together heroes and villains.

... here's your Subzero, now plain zero.
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