New Gods (Future DCEU film)
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New Gods (Future DCEU film)
03/16/2018 01:56 AM EDT

- Ava DuVernay To Direct Jack Kirby Comic Creation ‘The New Gods’ For Warner Bros, DC

After making history as the first woman of color to helm a $100 million-plus live-action film in A Wrinkle In Time, Ava DuVernay will continue to play in the event film sandbox. She’s closing a deal with Warner Bros and DC to direct a big-budget screen adaptation of The New Gods, the creation of revered comic book impresario Jack Kirby. The studio has set Kario Salem (Chasing Mavericks) as the writer; he’ll craft the narrative and work closely with DuVernay.

This will be another $100M-plus film for DuVernay, who has taken quite a leap in scale since her breakout film Selma. She unveiled a New Gods connection late last year when she responded to a question on social media on who her favorite superhero is. “Big Barda. Many reasons” was her reply. Big Barda is one of the New Gods and the wife of Mister Miracle, also a Kirby creation.

This is a bold move for Warner Bros/DC and not just because this is the second superhero franchise they’ve handed to a female director after Patty Jenkins turned Wonder Woman into a crowd-pleasing blockbuster and is working on the sequel with Gal Gadot. Unlike recent DC fare, this is a freestanding world created and designed by Kirby back in 1971, not long after the prolific comic legend had exited Marvel.

Death or glory awaits! A Wrinkle In Time had some great visual elements. Here's hoping that carries over to delivering the full Kirby aesthetic in a New Gods film.

Check out the article to gain greater New Gods understandings.

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RE: New Gods (Future DCEU film)
03/17/2018 06:02 AM EDT
A thousand times yes to a live action Big Barda and Mister Miracle.
... here's your Subzero, now plain zero.
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