Poll: Which SIX 3d-era characters would you like to return for MK11?
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Poll: Which SIX 3d-era characters would you like to return for MK11?
10/02/2017 04:13 PM EST
Admittedly this is very unlikely, but are rumors we could see six 3d-era characters return for MK11. Which six would you like to see?

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RE: Poll: Which SIX 3d-era characters would you like to return for MK11?
10/03/2017 03:23 PM EST

MK community was asked to vote on which SIX 3d-era characters they'd like to make the MK11 roster. Surveymonkey puts a cap at 100 individual results.

Every single 3d-era character received at least one vote.

From bottom to top rank, including placement and amount of votes:

21.Dairou - 1 vote

20.Hsu Hao, Darrius - 3 votes

19.Jarek - 5 votes

18.Kobra, Moloch - 6 votes

17.Mokap - 7 votes

16.Mavado - 8 votes

15.Kira, Tavern - 10 votes

14.Shujinko, Kai - 11 votes

13.Meat, Drahmin, Daegon - 12 votes

12.Onaga, Hotaru - 16 votes

11.Li Mei, Shinnok - 21 votes

10.Ashrah - 23 votes

9.Bo'Rai Cho - 26 votes

8.Nitara - 28 votes

7.Sareena - 29 votes


6.Tanya, Havik - 33 votes

5.Reiko - 35 votes

4.Quan Chi - 38 votes

3rd. Kenshi - 47 votes

2nd. Frost - 50 votes

1st. Fujin - 67 votes

Full results here:

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RE: Poll: Which SIX 3d-era characters would you like to return for MK11?
09/23/2019 12:27 PM EST

The 3D era fighters are okay but not my absolute favorite but I will choose 6.

1. Sareena -- she needs to be put in an MK game where NRS give her, her own moves and finishers other than Tournament Edition.

2. Reiko -- I've always enoyed MK4's Reiko. MK4 is technically a 3D era game and he also appeared in Armageddon.

3. Ashrah -- to me it feels only necessary to have more Netherrealm fighters since the majority of this is revolving around the aftermath of Netherrealm's defeath

4. Meat -- kind of would like to see Meat again. His model is already in the game. LOL

5. Onaga -- would like to be able to play as the boss with new finishers

6. Bo Rai' Cho -- simply because I feel that in MKX they didn't utilize some of his funnier moments as finishers like they did in Deception.

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RE: Poll: Which SIX 3d-era characters would you like to return for MK11?
09/28/2019 03:22 AM EST

Seems kinda laughable now that there were even rumors of six 3D era characters at launch. After all of this season’s DLC is done we’ll have one 3D era character (Frost) out of 31 characters. That SUCKS.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the cast in this game, but I still wish there was more of a balance between eras. I also think a lot of 3D era characters have a ton of untapped potential. My list would be:

1) Sareena: Definitely starts here. She has a cool look, a compelling backstory, the potential for more story with Noob and Sub and her gameplay could be amazing; a mix of demon and assassin. Plus I think it’s be really cool to make a character like the Turtles were in Injustice 2 or Triborg in MKX, with Kia and Jataaka. To me, she has more potential than any other character.

2) Nitara: She’s a vampire. That alone gives her tons of gameplay potential and hardly any of it has to be blood related. The lore on what vampires can do is substantial. I think she could be a lot more than she’s been.

3) Mavado: A guy in a black trench coat that uses ropes in crazy ways can be a hell of a lot cooler in 2D than 3D. I think of all the stuff Omega Red could do in X-Men: Children of the Atom and I see awesome possibilities for him. Plus, I kinda like the idea of a revamped Red Dragon and a story they could have.

4) Kai: He has the bones of an awesome character. In MK4, his handstand seemed like a rudimentary attempt at a capoeira style and I think he could be an awesome, wholly unique experience for MK if they could really flesh that out and mix it up with some crazy fireball stuff. Plus he’s a White Lotus and a possible chosen one. Plenty of story potential there.

5) Drahmin: Sure, he’d need a substantial redesign, but there’s just something awesome about an outworld warlord from centuries past, but I don’t think his character design reflected his origin particularly well. I’d keep the mask, but lose the club, the flies, and make him less of a butcher in a diaper with weird skin and bones protruding and more of a displaced leader, perhaps a bit of his MKDA alt, but cloaked. Between the warlord part and the torturer part, I think they could come up with a compelling move set. His story could revolve around emerging from Quan Chi’s chamber, more human, and seeking revenge against Scorpion for killing Quan Chi.

6) Kira: She seems like a tough sell to people because Skarlet has red hair and her move List was just Kano and Sonya, but I do think there’s potential in her backstory, and I’d love to see where she ends up in this new timeline. Maybe Kabal never recruited her. Maybe she’s this lone wolf trying to get by and she ends up on Kano’s shit list for stepping on his turf. She could be a reluctant ally of the special forces. Either way, knives plus her throw could make her a more acrobatic character that’s kind of a mix between Jade and Sonya. I dunno, I just think there’s more there.

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