Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
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Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
12/28/2014 07:17 PM EST
10. Motaro- I feel like Motaro could be really cool. I always thought his design was awesome and his story was decent. The reason they didnt include him in MK9 and why he was a Minotaur in Armageddon was because of tech problems, and its a darn shame.

9. Fujin- Fujin had powers that were completely unique in MK. It was weird to me that he didnt appear in Deadly Alliance or Deception. At least he was important in Armageddon. Heres to hoping he gets the recognition he deserves in MKX.

8. Sindel- Sindel is one of my favorites and i feel like she doesnt get the recognition she deserves. Sindel is such a cool character. She has unique powers like her scream and hair whip. I feel like she has one of the best stories in MK and even though i doubt she will return in MKX, i believe she should.

7. Sareena- Oh boy. Ill probably get flack for this. But really, Sareena could be a great character. They had so many opportunities to make her great. They dropped her from MK4 and was cut from Deadly Alliance. Its crazy how she hasnt been fully realized.

6. Kira- I love Kira's story and and appearance. I really hated how she had Kano and Sonya's moves. I feel like if she was given her own moves, she could be great. Most of the Black Dragon characters suck like Kobra, Jarek, NoFace, and Tasia. Kira is underrated because they did her wrong and she could have been great.

5. Stryker- Stryker has been one of the most hated characters in MK history, and i understood to an extent. He looked awful in MK3. I was really looking forward to seeing how they re did him in the 3D era and then it never happened. Then in Armageddon he was again hideous and not interesting. I always thought Styker had great potential. And he was finally realized in MK9. He doesnt have to be in MKX but i say he is a must for MK11.

4. Hotaru- This one is the most disappointing to me. I think Hotaru is great and no one realizes it. His appearance is unique and i love his story and rivalry with Havik. He has SO MUCH story potential with leading Seido. I also love his Naginata. If we dont see Hotaru in MKX, it will be a huge misopportunity.Âa

3. Nightwolf- Nightwolf is one of the most powerful MK kharacters and i dont think most fans realize how cool Nightwolf actually is. His tomahawks and arrows are cool. His story definitely needs work. But i liked the idea of him leading the Earthrealm warriors when Raiden was gone. It works because Nightwolf is powerful and wise. He deserves so much more than he gets.

2. Sheeva- I used to hate Sheeva, but then i realized that she is one of a kind. She is the only female monster that we have. Sheeva had an interesting story. I liked hiw she was Sindel's bodyguard then ended up turning against Shao Kahn. What did Sheeva do in MK9, she was a boring lackey. I want to see Sheeva when she isnt following Kahn's orders and i want to see her interact with Goro. She is soooo underrated its crazty.

1. Rain- Who else would be at number 1? Rain was a joke character when he was made. But then they gave him a great backstory and a great story and design in Armageddon. Rain was one of my favorites in Armageddon. It was such a waste by not having him in MK9 on the full roster. Everyone needs to realize how great Rain actually is.
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
12/28/2014 07:53 PM EST
Bo Rai Cho

I don't really feel like continuing
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
12/28/2014 08:15 PM EST
Drahmin, Hotaru, Dairou, Bo'.
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
12/28/2014 08:17 PM EST
I don't like any of the characters you listed. I understand why some of them have fans though.

Fujin and Rain will probably be in MKX
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
12/29/2014 05:26 PM EST
I've got three.

I'm gonna go ahead and stick my neck out here by saying Dairou.
As a concept in DA he looked amazing. Then the team underutilised his potential. They gave him no unique stances as well as specials that had no theme or cohesion. They neutered his merc status by involving him in that silly Orderrealm resistance storyline. Basically what i'm trying to say is that the team probably overrated him, and accidentally made him suck. However, i still maintain his original concept is underrated but tarnished by the final outcome.

Drahmin I never liked until MKA. In MKDA he was chained to the iron club (mixed metaphor?) limiting his combo potential. The overall gameplay experience with him was not enjoyable, especially against Moloch. Then in MKA where most every character got one fighting stance and one weapon stance, while limiting most of the roster by its generic nature, Drahmin found new utility with this system. Real combos, as well as the aerial stuff, along with not losing his originality all made him better than before, at least to me.

One of my favourite 'new' characters in DA was Hsu Hao. Couldn't tell why specifically. It could be because of the undercover spy aspect, the gorgeous weapons or the sexy bald head. His specials were seriously underwhelming in number (2) and utility (the stomp move misses often), which brought serious drawbacks to using him. Again, MKA happened and he received one of the biggest buffs never expected for a supposed 'disliked' character. Three more specials (one a power-up for even more OP fun) and a fighting style that went from boring on Bo' in MKD to downright broken on HH in MKA. Those combos deal MASSIVELY more damage than the sun-moons, even though they also got a huge boost.

*ducks for cover before the rest of ya'll starts pelting with tomatoes lol*
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
12/29/2014 05:44 PM EST
8.Bo Rai Cho
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
12/30/2014 05:51 PM EST
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
01/01/2015 02:05 AM EST
My #1) Kabal - This guy has one of the most useful special attacks you would need in any fight. Super speed, and life bar draining combos. A deadly combination.

#2) Quan Chi - Who am I kidding? This guy is not underrated. Quan is the best.

#3) Sektor - How can you not use those teleports. Sektor is so much fun.

#4) Jax - Keep it real. You know his grabs are dangerous, and he is a beast.

#5.) Fujin - dude has a good design. Should have been in more games. What a waste of God powers. Yikes.

6) Reiko - Great design. There is mystery to him. I like this guy. Solid moves.

7) Shujinko - I honestly dont like Shujinko, but compared to guys like Bo Rai Co, Taven, Dairou, Li Mei, Meat, Mokap, and Hotaro, Shujinko is great. LOL

8) Blaze - Im not happy how WEAK Blaze was in the playable select in MK:A. To me, Blaze was sapppose to be damn near unbeatable. Cmon MK producers. Put him in MK:X already

9) Onaga - Show some respect for someone who Shao Kahn himself fears, and who Raiden cant even kill. Onaga is the truth. Bring the Dragon King back.

10.) Motaro - Give him his 4 legs back for christ sakes. We had enough h Goro. Less Goro. More Motaro please?
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
01/03/2015 03:58 AM EST
1. Sareena - She only showed up in 3 games and they didnt really show her potential as a character.

2. Blaze - He was just a hidden character in MKDA that i never got to play nor knew existed until Armageddon

3. Sheeva - Hated her ass until MK9 i random selected and got her. And the poor girl's only been in 3 games *sigh*

4. Onaga - He was horrible in Armageddon, he needs a comeback to prove his greatness

5. Hsu Hao - Thats about all i and most other MK fans know about him lol

6. Nitara - Girl is INVISIBLE. Besides some details to her story in MKA, she needs work

7. Fujin - 2 games and they didnt really showcase him, nuff said

8. Hotaru - One of the best characters in Deception that has yet to return...

9. Ashrah - Great story, lots of potential to work and get a good story with Nitara and the Brotherhood of Shadow

10. Mavado - I hardly ever remember this character. That is how bad he needs an update ○_○
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
01/21/2015 06:25 PM EST
1. Darrius
2. Frost
3. Khameleon
4. Jarek
5. Moloch
6. Daegon
7. Kobra (even though he's not one of my favorites characters)
8. Mokap (same with Kobra)
9. Blaze (same with Kobra and Mokap)
10. Kintaro
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
01/22/2015 10:26 PM EST
1. Rain
2. Drahmin
3. Nitara
4. Ashrah
5. C/Khameleon
6. Motaro
7. Hotaru
8. Nightwolf
9. Shinnok
10. Bo' Rai Cho
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
01/20/2016 05:45 PM EST
I can give you 5 as it would get complicated.

1.Kung Lao
5.Bo' Rai Cho

Obviously, the following remind me of figures i've seen in martial arts/kung fu and I feel they're not revered as much as they should be. They're not really that iconic to me though.
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
02/09/2016 11:13 AM EST
Top 10 underrated characters IMO are...

Shang Tsung

I know this second half is full of og characters but I do think they are pretty unappreciated when compared to a lot of the other characters of the OG era.

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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
07/06/2016 04:46 AM EST
10. Stryker
09. Blaze
08. Onaga
07. Fujin
06. Shujinko
05. Reptile
04. Baraka
03. Bo Rai Cho
02. Havik
01. Motaro
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RE: Top 10 underrated Kharacters.
08/29/2017 09:07 AM EST
10) Mileena

Okay, so she's very popular. The reason I've included her in here is because it's hard for a character to retain what makes them cool for as long as Mileena has. Kitana and Scorpion are perfect examples of great characters who kind of end up murkied by the direction of their stories. Mileena often loses, but she scraps on, and she remains savage and oddly successful in the MK realm. I think her re-usability is what I think is underrated, as well as just how endearing she is.

9) Kenshi

Again, maybe he's quite properly rated, but I'm coming at this from another unique angle: This dude managed to reach iconic status from the position of being introduced in MKDA. Coming along that late in the series and basically being considered a staple? There must be something good going on there. His story taps into myths and lore we know well -- the blind swordsman looking for revenge. But that works, and there's something pure about Kenshi that I think sometimes goes underappreciated, perhaps due to his modern overexposure.

8) Motaro

My favorite sub-boss. He always interested me a lot more than the Shokan characters. I'm not particularly craving him back or anything, but for what he was, he was an absolutely terrifying fight.

7) Stryker

He was my favorite growing up. When I found out he was hated, it was a bit disappointing, haha. Intellectually, I get it now -- people don't like the stereotypical cop character without any real powers in this supernatural fighting game. But honestly, that's kind of what I've always liked about Stryker -- he's just a dude who got caught up in this mess. At least he was given unique moves and exists as a stand-alone character, and not as a clone or anything like that.

6) Sektor/Cyrax

I've included these two together. The cybernetic ninja concept was shit on when it came along, but I actually quite liked it -- especially in the context of the MK3 storyline. They were souless machines sent after Sub-Zero. It provided a good contrast to his raw humanity simultaneously fighting against Shao Kahn. If I had to give the nod to one, specifically, it would be Cyrax. His evolution into a protagonist and someone willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good makes him quite the endearing robot ninja.

5) Tanya

I didn't like she was a Kitana clone, but I liked the story of an Edenian betraying the realm. Tanya as the "other realms'" version of Kano is a cool little niche for her, and she's grown into her own as a fighter. She's still not my favorite or anything, but she's managed to find herself accepted, and that's a long way from where she was.

4) Mavado

Personally, I really like the story of there being a criminal syndicate that goes beyond the Black Dragon, and has secretly been waiting for them to go. In MKDA, Mavado being set-up as Sonya's new big enemy, and the implication that he killed Kano, thus taking revenge from her, really intrigued me. Maybe he did suck as a fighter, but with some revamped moves and such, the story of the character itself was a lot of fun.

3) Bo' Rai Cho

Man, did this guy get shit on when he debuted? Whilst he was never a favorite of mine, I never got the hate. I actually think the silly humor in his character fits the series' attitude perfectly. The drunken master who can burn you by spitting alcohol into a flame? There's something ruthless underneath that jovial facade. Plus, I like the idea of him being a good Outworld character who secretly helped Liu Kang and Kung Lao unlock their hidden potential to face Outworld fighters. He got way more crap than he deserved.

2) Li Mei

Similarly to BRC, she just got crap from the start. A lot of that was the Mileena clone stuff, and I get that, but she grew into her own character, they gave her a more series-suited attire (see: revealing), and her struggle with her own darker nature is intriguing. It's a shame the series stopped where it did, because I felt like it interrupted some of her momentum, as I think she could have been a great protagonist moving forward.

1) Kano

This one will get me backlash. No, I'm not Kano's biggest fan or anything. I think people underestimate just how recognizable some elements of this character are though. The roguish nature; the Heart Rip; the laser eye. I know the criticism of him is that he's just a common criminal, but there's something about Kano's endurance that makes him interesting to me -- just how long can this piece of shit keep survivng? The guy is basically a cockroach. I think what really fascinates me about him is his MK3 storyline, where he was willing to sell out Earth in order to save his own skin. Kano would betray his entire species in order to survive. There's a case study there.
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