3 Babes vs Liu Kang
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3 Babes vs Liu Kang
09/02/2003 07:25 AM EST
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RE: Fan Art: 3 Babes vs Liu Kang
09/02/2003 08:42 PM EST
hmm..prettey good y'know..wait a minute...GAHH!! YOU SICK MINDED SONE OF A >bleep!<

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RE: Fan Art: 3 Babes vs Liu Kang
09/02/2003 10:34 PM EST
This is most defiantly not on par with your other submission. It really doesn't even seem they are made by the same person. I hope you next submission is something like your "Zatteria Forest" fake, and not this one. Its nothing more than a simple copy/paste job, nothing special at all. No lifebars, no shadows, and no dimming. WAY too much blood, this is much in the excess. And the intestines weren't a very good touch at all, they are just sort of pasted there for no real reason. The size is also too small, stick with the standard 395, 254... its the perfect size for fake pics. It really doesn't make sense how Kitana is even holding her half of Kang up, seems at that angle he'd just slip off on the ground. Anyway, your other submission was MUCH better.
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RE: Fan Art: 3 Babes vs Liu Kang
09/03/2003 05:20 AM EST
No, this is just wrong!
I mean, it's all just thrown in there! And it's extremely basic too.

- No lifebars.
- No shadows.
- An MK4 background? WHY??! Anyhow, use the regular ones with the regular size 395x254 pixels. I live by those numbers.
- All that blood, is ridiculous, it's all slapped on there. It looks just too much. I mean, blood fountains are starting from thin air!
- Intestines on the floor? I don't really see the point.

"Good" things
- Well, I like your attempt at making Mileena's Sai actually look like they are going through Liu Kang, with the blood at the end.
- I see you did some "leg" work to Kang's legs. It's decent for this pic, but it could be better.

Now, think of an original idea, and then how you would want it to look in your mind. Usually it never comes out like that, it's always too good there, but you can make every effort to get it that way. Keep trying smile.