Get over here
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Get over here
06/24/2004 11:00 PM EDT
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RE: Fan Art: Get over here
07/03/2004 10:58 PM EDT
While it's not exactly proportional, I like the dragon in the background. The blood needs a little work, but it's a nice scene altogether.
Paint itself is not that bad of a program, but patience and care can make all of the difference. Take your time and use MK pics as models to help with proportion and shading. Think carefully on how you can achieve those same effects in paint. It is possible. Just work with your tools more, and don't quit until you feel more satisified.
If, even after that, you still need another program, there are a lot of helpful tips at the top of this forum in the stickied topics. You should be able to find some good programs in there.

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