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[NOTE: In 2013, I created a new character to compete in the anticipated eighth annual Mortal Kombat Online Kreate-A-Kharacter tournament (MKO KAK VIII). The sub-boss character, called Hecatomb, was an Oni hybrid of Lycan and Minotaur (Lyctaur) classification. I had posted three teaser images of the character (with the reveal image to be hidden until the tournament’s entry) around a year after the seventh tournament had started. However, MKO KAK VIII was cancelled (with still no plans of a revival), and I mostly kept the character a secret. Within the past decade, only friends, colleagues, and potential employers knew of my character’s image and/or narrative. Last year, I revisited the narrative and added Brutalities that the newer games included. To view the teasers, reveal, and full character image, visit the following link: Hecatomb (from cancelled MKO KAK VIII).]



MKO Username: malKilroy

Character Name: Hecatomb

Age: 666

Height: 7’7”

Weight: 357 lbs.

Origin: Nether Realm

Alignment: Evil

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Around the time that Quan Chi enlisted personal assassins Kia, Sareena, and Jataaka, he had a “pet” Oni, called Hecatomb. This creature briefly served as his bodyguard and struck fear into anyone who opposed of his master. He sensed the purest of heart and eviscerated them. The Oni took pride in his work, amassing a collection of bodies- whole and in parts –in the Nether Realm.


Hecatomb, who belongs to the Lyctaur class of Oni, traveled through Earthrealm and Outworld with Quan Chi in search of a mortal who could retrieve Shinnok’s amulet. However, Hecacatomb’s thirst for carnage became too uncontrollable and compromised their mission. The worthiest of mortals to aid Quan Chi met their fate against the beast before advancing far enough into the quest. As Quan Chi led Hecatomb into a cave in China, he quickly teleported out of the location and sealed the opening, trapping Hecatomb inside long enough to lose track of his master.


Years passed, and Hecatomb’s desire for vengeance grew while he remained in Earthrealm. He tore through towns searching for his traitor and, one day, caught a glimpse of him traversing with two Oni toward the entrance of the Dragon King’s Temple. Jealous of Quan Chi’s new Oni subordinates, Moloch and Drahmin, Hecatomb traveled nearby. Quan Chi unwillingly made a lethal foe.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


(See image.) Hecatomb is a Lycan-Minotaur hybrid with red and orange hairs that reflect the flames of his birthplace, the Nether Realm. He towers over the contestants and has glowing yellow eyes, long charcoal-grey chaws, massive fangs, long horns, and a tail. He wears the harness similar to the Brothers of the Shadow faction in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hecatomb combines of the Nether Realm and Oni fighting styles that Drahmin utilized in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. He has strong swiping and pop-up attacks. His fighting stance is hunched with arms bent at 90-degree angles, similar to Moloch. He receives zero to two percent damage from projectile attacks, up to five percent from other special attacks, and up to fifteen percent from X-Ray attacks.

*Throw: Hecatomb digs his claws into the opponent at the sides of his/her abdomen, raises him/her to his head level, bites his/her neck, and throws him/her overhead.

**Brutality 1: During his Throw, Hecatomb instead bites off the opponent’s head before tossing the body overhead.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1) Claw Swipes: Hecatomb swings his claws to the opposite sides in a left-right-left succession, slashing his opponent’s face. The third swipe sends the opponent staggering backwards four feet and rotating 360 degrees.

*Enhanced: Hecatomb adds a two-handed push to the chest (like how Sub-Zero throws a Freeze projectile) at the end of the swipes, causing the opponent to fall backwards.

**Brutality 2: Hecatomb’s Claw Swipes tear the flesh from the opponent’s face, leaving a bloody skull. After two seconds of the opponent reaching for his or her head, Hecatomb swings his arm horizontally toward the screen; his palm connects with the opponent’s head, sending it forward and crashing into the screen. The opponent’s head slowly slides downward from the “cracked” screen.


2) Crawling Charge: Hecatomb hunches down so his hands touch the ground and dashes head-first (and horizontally bowed) into his opponent without stopping upon impact, sending him/her falling vertically.

*Enhanced: Hecatomb charges but stops when his head connects at his opponent’s abdomen, and then flips him/her diagonally overhead.

**Brutality 3: Hecatomb’s Crawling Charge dashes through his opponent with so much force that a bloody explosion occurs; the opponent’s body below the upper chest is obliterated and the rest of the body falls.


3) Leaping Stomp: Hecatomb leaps high and forward half-screen, knocking the opponent onto his/her back and pinning him/her beneath his feet. He then walks backwards off him/her.

*Enhanced: While the opponent is pinned, he stomps on his/her face with one foot and then walks backwards off him/her.

**Brutality 4: Hecatomb’s Leaping Stomp causes a bloody explosion when it connects with the opponent’s back, leaving the opponent’s head and lower torso intact. Hecatomb then stomps on the opponent’s head, crushing it.


4) Roar: Hecatomb emits a generous roar that summons a mild amount of wind and shakes the ground, making his opponent fall forward. This unenhanced move only works if the opponent is within sweep distance like Ermac’s Telekinetic Slam.

*Enhanced: Hecatomb emits a wide-mouthed roar that generates an enormous gust and fiercely rocks the ground, sending his opponent flying to the other side of the screen like a rag doll, as if he/she was struck by Raiden’s Torpedo.

**Brutality 5: Hecatomb’s Roar causes the opponent’s (real or synthetic) skin to fly diagonally off and upward, leaving the opponent’s fleshy skeleton exposed and dripping blood (like Sindel’s Deadly Scream fatality from Mortal Kombat 3).


5) Backhand Deflect: Hecatomb backhand slaps a honing projectile, causing it to fly back at the opponent and cause the normal projectile damage if he/she is hit.

*Enhanced: When Hecatomb’s “glowing” backhand slap collides with the projectile, the impact causes a flash explosion at a sweep distance radius in front of and behind him. If the opponent is near the site, he/she will fly and receive the same damage as if being uppercut.

**Brutality 6: If the opponent is within sweeping distance, Hecatomb’s Backhand Deflect will cause a flash and bloody explosion that leaves only the opponent’s head and legs, which fall a second later.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hecatomb’s trigger move is a lifting grab at the opponent’s throat. Using his free arm, he delivers an upward claw into him/her abdomen toward his/her heart (causing a close-up of the ribs and insides shattering with a rapidly beating heart). Next, he removes his impaling hand, deeply slashes diagonally at his/her face (causing bloody/missing pieces at, and fractures around, the slit skull), and then tosses him/her high off-screen and at sweep distance away from him. Hecatomb quickly scrapes his paw across the ground and, while the opponent is falling, charges with his head and upper torso bowed and turned 90 degrees to gore him/her through the neck and abdomen with his horns (causing the spine to snap at the throat and the stomach). He charges half-screen with the impaled opponent and comes to an abrupt stop, sending him/her flying horizontally to the other half-screen. The opponent crashes into a “wall,” falls onto his/her stomach, and lies there stunned for two seconds before standing and continuing the fight (granted that he/she still has life left).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Fatality 1- Eats ‘n’ Beats: Hecatomb swipes deeply at the lower sides of his opponent’s face. (If the opponent was wearing a hat like Raiden or a full mask like Drahmin, it would fall off like the beginning of Shao Kahn’s X-Ray Attack from MK9.) He quickly digs four of his fingers into the midsection between the lower jaw and the upper throat, while locking his thumb on the top of the chin right below the teeth (or where it would be if the opponent was not wearing a face mask), tears the lower jaw off, and places it between his teeth with half of it hanging outside his mouth. As the opponent reaches to touch his/her removed jaw, Hecatomb grabs his/her arms by the wrists and smashes his/her own head with them. He rips the arms off the headless corpse as it falls backward and holds them in his arms, which are bent 90 degrees forward. He turns toward the camera and eats the jaw before, during, and after the announcement “HECATOMB WINS!” When the announcer says “FATALITY,” he has finished the jaw, bites off a piece of the opponent’s arm in his left hand, and chomps it while still facing the viewer. The screen fades to black.


Fatality 2- Clawing/Maiming: Hecatomb bites off a giant chunk of the opponent’s neck and shoulder. The opponent screams in pain for a second, only to have his/her head backhanded off. Hecatomb claw swipes the decapitated body’s chest five times (alternating claws per swipe), and then thrust kicks the upper torso clean off. He roars to blow the lower torso over and the screen pans around him, stopping at his back as he pants. He slowly turns his head toward the viewer, with the rest of his body soon following, after the announcer says “HECATOMB WINS!” and the screen pans out. When the announcer says “FATALITY,” Hecatomb strikes his paw across the ground, bows his head, and charges (with his head and upper torso bowed and turned 90 degrees) toward the viewer. The screen glass “breaks with his horns torn through it,” and then the screen fades to black.


Babality- Ticking Off Tiny: Hecatomb shrinks into a toddler form of himself. After looking at his arms and body, he stares at his opponent for a half-second and then charges at him while roaring. The opponent screams and runs away from him off-screen. Once both characters are off-screen, the commotion begins to die down for two seconds and then increases volume as they head on- and off-screen in the opposite direction. The running, roaring, and screaming scene loops throughout the announcements.


Friendship- Blown Away: Hecatomb takes out a normal red balloon and hands it at his opponent. Two seconds after the opponent gleefully accepts the gift, Hecatomb grabs his opponent by the abdomen with the hands of outstretched arms, tosses him/her vertically upward, and roars to blow him/her diagonally away. The screen cuts to the opponent emitting a surprised scream as he/she flies toward the camera and off-screen with the balloon in hand. The next shot has Hecatomb cross his arms and softly chuckle as he looks at the camera. He holds the pose throughout the announcements.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Right after the opponent’s entrance, the camera cuts to a frontal view of the opponent at medium close-up (from the waist up). Suddenly, Hecatomb pops up behind his opponent, growling with his arms outstretched and two inches away from him/her. As the opponent jumps in shock and looks at him, Hecatomb hops backward and assumes his fighting stance.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hecatomb scrapes his paw across the ground and licks his lips, some drool falling in the process.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hecatomb walks toward his grounded opponent, lifts him/her by the neck, and tosses him/her toward the camera, which pans about five yards away. While the opponent is falling, he/she gets impaled in the neck and lower abdomen by Hecatomb’s horns. His/her body suddenly rushes toward and crashes into the camera, creating blood spatter and “cracks on the camera’s surface, while the horns burst through it.” The body and horns stay at the screen for about two seconds before Hecatomb pulls his horns out of his opponent and he/she slides down the screen, revealing Hecatomb staring and panting at the player.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hecatomb slew his way through the realm to confront Quan Chi. Once inside the Dragon King’s temple, he came face to face with the Deadly Alliance. Quan Chi instructed Moloch and Drahmin to kill their fellow Oni, but Hecatomb tore off their armored limbs and used their steel weapons against each other. Moloch’s mace crushed Drahmin’s head, while Drahmin’s club impaled Moloch through the chest.


Following the dismemberment of their Oni bodyguards, the Deadly Alliance challenged Hecatomb. Their sorcery had very little effect on the beast, and Shang Tsung soon became nourishment. Quan Chi attempted to summon the Dragon King’s Army with his amulet, but Hecatomb swiftly whacked it out of his hand before the army could approach him. Witnessing too many of those fatalities, Hecatomb ripped off Quan Chi’s leg and beat most of him with it until he became unrecognizable battered flesh. Hecatomb acquired the mystical amulet and added Quan Chi’s head, which bore a horrified look, to his collection in the Nether Realm. Let the realms beware, as their new threat shows no mercy!

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