Kitana - My version
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Kitana - My version
01/11/2011 12:39 PM EST
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RE: Fan Submission: Kitana - My version
01/13/2011 02:35 AM EST
A unique pose, better than your 4 combatants.
There's definitely effort in giving her a more creative look.
I like her thigh tattooes and they go well with her painted eyebrows.
Though I don't agree with the hair, at least it's something different to what we've seen. But to me they (along with the red lips and painted brows) give her an angry Chinese sex worker look, which doesn't really fit.

Needs work:
Anatomy - the places that need it the most are:
- her arms: especially how they bend at the elbows.
- her breasts. lose the nonsensical cleavage

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RE: Fan Submission: Kitana - My version
01/13/2011 04:09 AM EST
The anatomy book will really come in handy for the elbow bendings.

The Chinese look was intentional, but not the angry look, I have a habit of drawing people angry at times and this one I didn't fix. I've always liked the bun look, and I took it in one different direction, to make it more up in front, but I just want to know what you disagree about it, just getting your thoughts.

There was Mileena and Tanya drawn along with this picture, but I don't think I'll show it on this site just yet, despite that I have them up on my deviantart site.

I'm still playing around with some of my artwork, as you can tell, there's still a heck of a lot of improving I need to do, but at least this is a start.

And once again, thanks for the feedback.
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