KomSec, an MK Hacker Group
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KomSec, an MK Hacker Group
12/21/2017 08:47 PM EST
So I am back after years of being inactive.

I have been working on multiple projects and college classes so that is why I was away for years. Also I have been writing more and more elaborate stories and improving my writing skills a bit.

This is a new series that I am working on which is not going to be Vaporware this time. But I am sure that you are going to be impressed as some of the things that I have written for this.

This series of stories is centered around a Hacker Group called KomSec which consists of various characters that I could come up with names for.

Here is the current list of them:

WAR10CK >> Darken Rahl
Error Macro >> Ermac
Ketchup >> Sektor
Mustard >> Cyrax
Zero Cool >> Sub Zero
Acid Burn >> Reptile
Daemon Overheat >> Scorpion
Rand AKA Entropy >> Havik
The 5amura1 >> Kenshi
Arbok >> Kobra
Lazer Burn >> Kano
Razor Blade >> Baraka
Odd Job >> Kung Lao
H2O >> Rain
Carbon Monoxide >> Smoke
Fire Fly >> Hotaru
Wrath of Kahn >> Shao Kahn
9001 Voltz >> Raiden
Wolfaboo3301 >> Nightwolf
Deceiver >> Onaga
Necro >> Shang Tsung
Cenobyte >> Meat
T-1000 >> Jax
/i/nsurgent >> Darrius
Sanguine >> Skarlet
Captain Hook >> Kabal
B00n T0bis >> Noob Sibot
Flame >> Blaze

Feedback and criticism is always welcome.
"If it is alive it can feel pain. If it has eyes it can see it own suffering. If it has blood you can make it bleed. If it has a mouth you can make it scream." Darth i forgot his name. "Thats the best thing about you humans. You bleed." a tarkatan warrior.
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