MEET SAREENA! ???????????? | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 12 |
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MEET SAREENA! ???????????? | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 12 |
Let’s have another look at our girl SAREENA Armed with her signature weapon KAMA The demon SAREENA works as one of Quan Chi three assassins She always waited for someone to help her escape the Netherrealm Until she helps Sub-Zero once, but she couldn’t help herself. Now Bi-Han, who becomes a specter Noob Saibot couldn’t help her escape again However, Sareena is a character with a so much potential to bring to the game Her demonic origins,
08/15/2021 11:27 PM EDT
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RE: MEET SAREENA! ???????????? | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 12 |
08/19/2021 08:26 PM EDT

without clicking on the image, it looks good. But at full res, it's too obvious where things are blurry/edited (of lower quality than the rest of the image).

Regardless, the costume is awesome and I miss having her in MK. Would prefer her color scheme to stay RED though and not pink....

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RE: MEET SAREENA! ???????????? | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 12 |
08/24/2021 02:16 AM EDT

There will surely be a discrepancy in quality and resolution because I'm using dozens of images from different sources, I can make it quite real with a few more hours of work, but I'll keep the maximum quality for the next stage.
I still want to design her demon shape,
I miss Sareena and Ashrah too.

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