MK2 Smoke Vs Ermac (Fake) (Fixed)
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MK2 Smoke Vs Ermac (Fake) (Fixed)
MK2 Smoke Vs Ermac
07/23/2020 02:19 PM EDT
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RE: MK2 Smoke Vs Ermac (Fake) (Fixed)
07/28/2020 11:11 PM EDT

Good fix! :)

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RE: MK2 Smoke Vs Ermac (Fake) (Fixed)
08/22/2020 08:14 PM EDT

Hi Stan,

I like the fake, it takes me back to the good ol' days playing MK2 and seeing Smoke pop out in the background. I remember my brother and I would theorize that there were other secret kharacters like "Red Scorpion" lol. It's also cool that you edited the sprites to have unique stances, Ermac's pose reminds me his Hua Chuan style.

This fake would be perfect if you moved the names inside the lifebars, added shadows under Ermac and Smoke, and add smoke to Smoke lol. I also noticed the compression/quality of the image is a little low, perhaps you saved this image as a jpg? I'd recommend a free, online (web browser) photoshop app called Photopea for your future fakes.

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