MKX - Liu Kang Concept
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MKX - Liu Kang Concept
01/26/2015 05:17 PM EST
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RE: Fan Submission: MKX - Liu Kang Concept
01/27/2015 01:34 AM EST
Nice, man. I really like that animated style.

The bulkiness doesn't do it for me, it doesn't really suit Liu regardless of his age. The beard, however, is good, and shows a more mature and, like you said, intimidating Kang. The only downside is it's a bit too similar to Scorpion's new beard in the comic.

To be honest, I think if you're going to make him look older, I would ditch the headband. I know it's an iconic part of Liu Kang, but if he's to look older and more 'serious', it doesn't help.

Other than that, good work.
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RE: Fan Submission: MKX - Liu Kang Concept
01/30/2015 02:18 AM EST
i really like this design actually!

Ethereal, ravenous, piercing. It's Mileena bitch.

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