Mortal Kombat: Cyrax
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Mortal Kombat: Cyrax
04/11/2011 10:16 PM EDT
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RE: Fan Submission: Mortal Kombat: Cyrax
04/13/2011 10:13 PM EDT
It's an interesting and fun read, but you deviate so much from the canon, and with how abruptly it ends, all we have left are piles of questions. It doesn't really leave a good taste in my mouth though, but it's still pretty good. 3/5.
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RE: Fan Submission: Mortal Kombat: Cyrax
04/15/2011 07:06 PM EDT
Thanks for the comment. Yeah none of them are meant to be canon from the series but it stays within the mk world. I dont like to follow a storyline because I start to mess up. If I can I will create a storyline. But they are like analogies to the characters I am creating a storyline for reptile though.
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