New Idea for Mini-Game - Test Your Tolerence (Take the Heat)
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New Idea for Mini-Game - Test Your Tolerence (Take the Heat)
02/22/2017 08:22 PM EST
The idea for this mini-game would be that you would have a Sifu or Sensei like character who would take a extended item of some kind and swing the material against the abdomen of your character. In this scenario, there would be an adrenaline meter to the side to raise up against the prescribed bar measure. The Sensei or Sifu like character in this scene would swing the item to test your tolerance for pain. As you progress higher and higher to the upper echelon levels of the "Choose Your Destiny" Ladder, you would take on harder and different types of material and substances that can break away from impact such as a baseball bat or an extended board. The harder the substance the higher the bar measure would be on the adrenaline meter.

You could earn various amounts of points, Koins and items such as alternate and civilian costumes, hidden clues and secrets to the whereabouts of certain characters are located.
After each successful venture, your character would raise up in victory just like breaking down the items in "Test Your Might" mini-game. (Reference point can be the training sessions from his Sensei/Master in Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme.)

Comments and criticisms are welcome. I would like to hear some feedback from everyone. Even if you think this idea is completely stupid or corny. Thanks!!