Original Character-Shiku (Lost One)
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Shiku has the ability to manipulate and control sand.
Shiku's ability to make sand tornadoes that could spin straight through the bodies of his opponents partly inspired the Lin Kuei to begin making cyborgs. Shiku betrayed his clan and associated with the Lin Kuei when they struck a deal with him: he mixes his power with their nano-technology in exchange for the command of his own brainwashed army.
Instead, Oniro, the first Lin Kuei Grandmaster, uses Shiku's power to enhance his nano-technology by crystallizing the sand particles in each nano-bot, then with the help of an unknown accomplice, blasts Shiku into a portal that sends him to an unknown time and location
He returns to the first Mortal Kombat tournament as a Ninja-Spectre, clad in complete white, his powers now unknown, and potentially God-like (because of his ancestry), with an apparent deep grudge with Shinnok and the Brotherhood of Shadows...
11/10/2010 11:37 PM (UTC)

Its not a "bad" drawing, but its not amazing either. Its not the concept its execution and the proportions are off. Let me explain what I mean.

Like the chest and shoulders, its all off and looks awkward, like look how large the right arm looks compared to the left. That object on his back, I can tell you had issues with proper perspective. His left hand looks tiny, the blade on his right, its not even straight.

His position is Very awkward, why is he leaning like that? What is he leaning on?

Do you draw by pencil first? Here are some tips, look up human anatomy, so you can learn proper proportions, try to lightly draw out the position you want him him, don't put any details, then follow through and add the details. Add shading whatever you wan, then clean it, like roughly drawn lines that are out of place.

One major thing that ruined that picture is the coloring, It would of been better without. And theres too much stuff that stuff coming out of him(no, not that) like that magic, its just too much, overkill, just add one simple element maybe, more isn't always better.

But your not a bad drawer, you need practice, search up human anatomy, practice drawing the body and the parts so it looks right. You will get better believe me. I did. And drop the coloring with colored pencils, it often ruins the drawing and kills the details, unless if its done correctly.Good luck man.
11/11/2010 01:57 AM (UTC)
Preciate the input but I just drew this to put a story to it. Im no artists, I just draw a little here and there lol. If u read the description ud see that that energy is being blasted AT him not from him which is why he is leaning back. he just got blasted in the chest by Raiden and Shinnok and pushed into the portal behind him. Thanks for the advice tho, I will look up anatomy if i draw like this again, Good to get input
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