Palace Gates II
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07/16/2004 02:41 AM (UTC)
Even tho you said you didn't take as much time on this one as your last one, I still like it. I love the edits you did to the background. Very nicely done. And if i'm not mistaken, you even edited the lifebars some. Ben's mugshot even looks good. The Ben sprite looks pretty good. I think the weapon looks outta place tho for some reason. The Kabal sprite could use some work tho. I dont like the stance he is in at all. He looks like he is floating. Other than that tho, great job 4/5.
07/16/2004 04:13 AM (UTC)
Not much work into this one, are you serious!? This is awesome! Ben and Kabal both look very cool, and the blade coming out the ground brings back memories (I haven't used that useless move in awhile). I like the background, it looks very nice. I would like to see more from you fedegita. 4.5/5
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07/16/2004 06:25 AM (UTC)
I think the best part about this fake is the background. The fog effect because of the snow is great, this also brings a nice effect to the mountains.

The lifebars and shadows are good. I like how Kabal is using the ground saw but, I don't like the position he's in. That position just doesn't work well. Nice work, 4/5.
Very very nice.
Where to start, heh.

I love the background, it's a great use of the palace gates sprites amongst other things and it all looks really really good, even better than some stages in the MK games already I would say.

As for the edits, also great. Ben looks fantastic with his Mace and the actual edit to Kabal does look really good, though the position makes his legs look a bit square/thin. Other than that however, the edits are fantastic.

Other stuff, lifebars are all fine and pretty much everything like that and I really like how you've filled in the warning indicators although wouldn't Kabal have a yellow or something because he's attacking? Still. The shadows/reflections are okay, though I would've liked to see them going the other way and a bit shorter like in the MK games, but they're kind of unimportant I guess as this is MK Deception. Saying all that though I guess because they're reflections they're probably better going the way they are.

Nice job.
I give you a 9.7/10.
Nothing else to say, heh smile.
07/16/2004 08:56 PM (UTC)
TimsMK....Darn you, sad. Well said.

Yay, I got my Photoshop back so seeing this fake is really an inspiration. Nice job.
07/17/2004 01:56 AM (UTC)
The sprites are awesome. The Kabal one is great so is Ben. The mace doesn't look good at all. And im not sure what that is coming out of the ground but i wouldn't want to walk into it. 4/5 cause ive always loved these sprite fakes.
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