Scorp vs Subby mkd style death trap
06/19/2004 11:56 PM (UTC)by
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didn't you aleady post this??? Well, I think you did. But I think it's a great one, as I commented in your other thread. If I knew how to give you points, I would give you some good one. Like I said, it's like it's the gba version (slightly better) of mk:deception smile.
06/19/2004 10:20 PM (UTC)
Like I said on the other thread:
The sprites need a lot of work, but great concept. I think you should do bit more editing on the lifebars other than copy and pasting them. For example, you can make the blood transparent. I also understand you want to "cover up" the mistakes with the blur tool, but this is not the way to go. I suggest using the brush tool. Find the hue color of the skin/clothing or anything first-- with the liquid tube, then SHADE in with 1-5 Size of Brush. Burn tool sometimes work, just don't over do it.
lol confused wtf? i dont remeber posting this EDIT: oh yea i remeber now it posted it like a afew days ago and i wouldent upload.

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