Tassia vs Tremor
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Tassia vs Tremor
09/04/2003 03:59 PM EST
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RE: Fan Art: Tassia vs Tremor
09/06/2003 12:00 AM EST
Well, the idea is nice, not common to see fakes involving either one of these characters. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't "Tassia" spelled "Tasia"? I thought it was, and I double-checked on an internet site and her name was listed as "Tasia", so if that is indeed correct you should change the name in your lifebar.

It is interesting how you created your own poses for each character, rather than just using a current one. But "Tasia" really doesn't look like that at all. I really was never a fan of MKSF, but I did find some pics of both of these characters. Tasia is much darker skinned than this, and her face isn't like that either. You just used Kitana's face from where she removes her mask. She looks exactly like Kitana, all but the swords of course. This is an image I found of Tasia:

Her midriff should be exposed. And her neckline dips down further than Kitana's. I must say the swords look good though.

You could have done a bit more work with Tremor, it looks like you just used a grayscale to me. Even his skin looks to be gray. Not sure what's up with the pose, at least it is something original, just doesn't seem like something you'd expect to see in a before-the-fight pose. Tremor is NOT that color, here is an image of Tremor if you want to see what he actually looks like.

He is usually hailed as the tan 'ninja', Smoke is the gray 'ninja'. I do notice you added shadows though, and they seem to correspond with the light source. Good job there.

The BG seems to be fairly nice though. I'd like to see a Black Dragon training facility as a background. It seems like it would be well out in the wilderness to me, and you did a good job showing that with the trees and the sun peeking through. The 'shrine' is nice as well, and the logo on the arena floor is appropriate I suppose. Its an overall nice BG. Just work on the characters a bit.
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RE: Fan Art: Tassia vs Tremor
09/06/2003 03:43 PM EST
They dont look a thing like their Special Forces counterparts... you practically didn't even edit the sprites all that much either. And the temple bg isn't exactly faboo. It's too dark, I can't even see Kabal.
I dont know how you even DARED to call them Tassia and Tremor. It should be a crime.
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RE: Fan Art: Tassia vs Tremor
09/07/2003 04:42 AM EST
The idea is nice, but this could've been better executed, but it's not bad.

- Tasia doesn't look too much alike herself. Take the advice Crow posted above, and use the picture to help you.
- Tremor, well, same as above.
- The stage is a bit simple, but it works well.
- Of course, you know by now, Tasia, not Tassia.

Good things:
+ I like how you removed the mask for Tasia, it's a start.
+ I also like Tasia's stance and weapons.
+ I like how you changed the fight text, although, there is little point really, lol.
+ Although the stage is simplistic, I do think it works well, perhaps a bit dark on the left side, making it hard to see Kabal, but I think it works well.

A good attempt, but you need to work on how the sprites represent their 3D models in MKSF smile.