The Lost Children
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The shading is excellant, but the proportions seem kind of sloppy and the actions seem half-hearted, especially Sub-zero's kick. It just doesn't seem like he's putting any effort or power into it. Overall, though, it seems like Scorpion is better made and more detailed overall, he just needs better proportions.

The problems I have with the background are similar to the problems I have with the fighters. For example, the window to the castle thing looks pretty sloppy and it seems like each individual square of glass isn't equally divided. Also, not a drawing problem, but for an epic battle, a bright sunny enviornment seems like an odd choice. I would have preferred a darker, more MK-ish setting, but hey, that's your choice.

So I told you what could use some work, now it's time for me to talk about the good. The shading and detail is really good; much better than I could probably do, especially for Scorpion. The design for the characters look simple, but good overall. The detail is also very good especially for the stone building behind Scorp and Sub and there's a good amount of stuff to look at in the painting, no wasted space which is good.

I think this drawing deserves a 3.5, and since I'm feeling good today, I'll round it up to a 4. Keep up the good work and don't forget about that proportion.
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