Thought I'd try a silhouette
07/31/2003 05:21 PM (UTC)by
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02/10/2003 02:51 AM (UTC)
Urm, interesting I guess, lol.

It looks pretty cool, the silhouettes are very nicely done, and the shadows correspond to the light source well.
Background is very nice as well.

Not "much" of a fake, but as you said, an experiment, looks fine to me, heh smile.
07/31/2003 12:46 AM (UTC)
Very nice!
The quality on the goro thumbnail isn't very good though. I suggest you add a bg to Goro's head too, just to match Ermac.
And some names would be nice too.
But anyway, I really like the dark effect, and the Ermac is rather cool too.
Nice work!
07/31/2003 12:55 AM (UTC)
Well this is pretty interesting looking. You did a nice job with the silhouettes, the lighting effects are basically perfect in my opinion. I agree that names would be good, and give Goro's mugshot a BG so it looks good against Ermac's. Also, these seem a little big, perhaps they need to be shrunk down a little to fit better into the pic.

The background itself is pretty solid, I really like the effect the the cloud and moon. Though, it looks maybe a bit too simple in some areas, it was all goes together quite nicely. Also, great looking shadows by the way. Just an experiment, but I think it looks pretty solid and original.
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07/31/2003 05:21 PM (UTC)
I agree, its very interesting and I do like the whole concept of it. Needs some touchups but as you said its an expiriment. Good work.
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