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06/18/2018 10:40 PM EST
So, this is my first time back on the site in what feels like forever. I used to be a big time member back in the early 2000s. So, with MKO having a twitch and a Discord now, i thought I should try to log back on, and see some of my old posts. I happened across when I entered into the various Kreate-A-Kharacter tournaments back in the day, and I found my all time favorite character I made, Shya-Ri. So I thought I would bring her back one time, not only to see if anyone remembers this from so long ago, but to see what newer members of the kommunity think of her, so here goes!
Name: Shya-Ri
Age: 26
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Golden Blonde

Fighting Styles: Hapkido, Akido

Weapon: Sprial-Bladed Shield


(Main)Long sleeve white v-neck with intricate red & gold lace patterns, gold colored pants with white drawstrings up the sides, and black boots with gold laces on the outside.

(Alternate) Red one-piece bodysuit with white lace detailing, and same boots as other outfit.


Shya-Ri grew up in a peaceful Edenian village before the reign of Shao Kahn. When his Extermination Squads came and destryoed the village, Shya-Ri and a few remaining villagers banded together to kombat the squads. All were slain except for Shya-Ri, who was captured and brought before Shao Kahn himself.
He offered Shya-Ri a place among his generals because of her fighting abilities. She refused, and was thrown in a cell underneath the throneroom, helpless to whatever sick desires he had.
One day, she heard Kahn conversing with the sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. A scuffle followed, and then the only sound was Quan Chi and Shang Tsung's footsteps out of the room. Everybody in the castle rushed to the throneroom, as Shya-Ri picked the lock, and escaped back to her village.
She had been told that Shao Kahn was dead, and her village was pledging alligence to the newly-formed 'Deadly Alliance'. She fled in anger, and happened upon Princess Kitana, who was returning from the funeral for her her ally, Prince Goro of the the Shokan Empire. Shya-Ri explained her troubles to Kitana, who took Shya-Ri under her wing, and brought her back to the Edenian palace.
Once she was ready to finally kombat the Alliance, word arrived at the palace that the warrior monk from Earthrealm, Kung Lao, had killed Quan Chi and Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat. It seemed her chance to fight would have to wait...
One morning, though, tragedy struck in the form of the newly-revived Dragon King, Onega. His army launched a suprise attack on the palace, capturing Kitana, and leaving only Queen Sindel and Shya-Ri alive. Now, with Sindel's help, Shya-Ri is ready to enter Mortal Kombat to rescue her friend, mentor, and princess, Kitana, and defeat the Dragon King...

Special Moves:

Shield Rush-

Shya-Ri placed a small spike in the center of her shield to fend off any running attackers. She can also use this for offense, as she runs, and buries the spike into her enemy's chest.


Shay-Ri learned many kicks from Kitana, and one that she prefers is the Enuzurgi. She runs at her opponent, and kicks them in the side of their head, snapping the head to the side, and knocking them to the ground.


Shya-Ri grabs her opponent's head, and slams them face-down on the ground, making them bounce a few times.


Blink of an Eye- Shya-Ri runs at her opponent, jumps up, and does a handstand on their head. She then forcefully snaps the neck, turning it so it is facing the back. She then throws herself down with enough force that, while still holding the head, throws the body forward. The head snaps off of the body because of the speed of the body, and it flies to the other side of the arena, as Shya-Ri still holds the head in her hands.

Death Sentry- Shya-Ri launches her her shield towards her opponent's midsection, slicing straight through it. As the enemy clutches whats left of their stomach, the shield flies back at an angle, taking off part of the enemy's head. Shya-Ri catches the shiels on her forearm, as the body falls helplessly to the ground.


Should Shya-Ri be defeated in battle, instead of letting her opponent finsih her off, she will impale the spike from her shield into the back of her head, killing her instantly.


Village of Shor-La:

The village of Shor-La was Shya-Ri's birthplace. After the Deadly Alliance laid claim to it, she turned her back on her people, and vowed to destroy the sorcerers. Now that they are no more, she has returned home. But enemies follow her, wanting to fight. Edenian guards have begin patrolling the village, and if a fighter should bump into one of them, the guard will beat the kombatant, and send them back into the arena. Pottery vendors also line the fight scene, and should a kombatant get in their line of sight, they will throw a vase at them. Although this does not do a lot of damage, it distracts the fighter long enough for the opponent to get in a few free hits.

Stage Weapon-

The pottery vendors also have their wares lining the arena, and a fighter can pick one up, and hurl it at their opponent, causing some damage.

Stage Fatality:

Village Riot
Some troublesome villagers will try to start a riot by grabbing a kombatant, and stabbing them as his friends join in. The villagers will become so upset by this, that they will chase the troublemakers out of town, inadvertently trampling the wounded kombatant, killing them, and leaving a bloody mess where they were just moments ago...
"You were born to be somebody's bitch, you know that?"
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