Wastelands return
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Well, I like some things about this, and other parts I'm not so sure of. I do like the 'jagged' mountains that are around, but the quality is sort of 'odd' near the bottoms. The lava river is very cool though, nicely done and good idea. The farthest mountain looks well placed as well.

The only thing I really don't like is the sky. It doesn't seem like a Wastelands sort of sky. I would expect to see a dark setting, no bright sun and partly cloudy sky. It just would be better with the odd, off-colored, clouds above the main setting. Also, you should try to add perhaps a fighting floor around somewhere, to make it look like an actual stage. Anyway, its not bad, just the sky throws it a bit.
08/28/2003 05:25 AM (UTC)
Well crow I'll make some adjustments and maybe resubmit if it turns out better. Thanks for the comments.
Wow, this is nice.
However, there really is one thing that bugs me:
The wastelands is the remains of a huge battle, even a war. It's meant to be filled with dead corpses and the like, you can just about see them in the distance of the wasteland background.

However, this is very nice.
I would say the sky is a little bright for the wastelands as well, but it all seems nice.
Although, the lava does look kind of flat. Sort of like you got a texture, and used paint's paintbrush tool to cut it out or something, lol.

Anyhow, nice work.
08/28/2003 12:06 PM (UTC)
This is pretty sweet. I have no idea what the `wasteland` is supposed to look like, but this is nice.
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