10 ranked daily challenges counter is broken
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10 ranked daily challenges counter is broken
08/01/2019 06:27 AM EST

It's been 9 days since KL started and I've played at least 5 sets every single day except Sunday. I should have 8/10 for that challenge but I only have 5. I saw what happened today. I was at the 5th set, middle of the match and opponent has rage quit or lost connection or whatever. I got the win and it counted as a set and it even changed to 6/10. Then I restarted the game because my points were the same as before the 5th set. When I got back to online screen I saw that I did get the points but that counter was at 5/10 again and it's been like this since Saturday.

So if in those first 5 sets you get 1 rage quit it just doesn't count for some reason. Please fix @NRS.

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RE: 10 ranked daily challenges counter is broken
08/01/2019 02:09 PM EST

sad to hear that :( i just finished 10 days of playing with all challanges, got to the Champion rank, then fell to Warrior, but i will have Raiden's skins.

first season was buggy, didnt get any of the Time Krystals for any Daily Challanges by playing sets.

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