Account / skins transfer
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Account / skins transfer
05/13/2019 02:46 PM EST

I have unlocked a lot on PC and considering to buy a PS4, but I'd hate to play everything again (story and krypt) to get my skins from PC back. That's sick.... I invested a lot of hours grinding.

Will there ever be an option? Would be nice to transfer skins onto other accounts. But yeah, maybe they would fear a black market for skins then?

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RE: Account / skins transfer
05/13/2019 05:26 PM EST

Yeah, unfortunately, I doubt this is a thing we’ll ever see. I won’t say never (cause you know how the saying goes)... but HIGHLY doubtful. I don’t see it happening.

it would be an awesome thing to be able to do, though.

"Retirement my ass!"

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