And another thing..... [competitive variations]
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And another thing..... [competitive variations]
06/25/2019 05:09 PM EST
06/26/2019 10:10 AM EST

Why are the variations locked to competitive online.meaning why give a character shit hot moves that lopk amazing only for me not to be able to use it in ranked?what the actual shang sung galaxy s9 today and loved the ermac rain reptile shit but cant use in ranked.ermmmmm who made this game????.lets by a football game but u play with a tennis ball????????

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RE: And another thing..... [competitive variations]
06/26/2019 09:24 PM EST

My assumption is for balance. I mean I have no problem with Shang's Warlock variation in competitive ranked matches. I prefer them over the morphs. I would love reptiles slide over the regular one though

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