Balance issues in modern games
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Balance issues in modern games
01/10/2022 05:20 PM EST
01/11/2022 11:01 PM EST

This Seem's like a Lazy way to do Things it Just Seems to Me Every Fighting Game Since The 1st Xbox One Launched Has Been a Good Themed Game With Some decent Attack's/Combo's But When Player's Start Losing With Legit Combo's They Resort To Optimal Play, Infinite 50/50 Frame Trap's or Spam and These Things Turn These Fighting Games into a Legit Rock Paper Scissors Game When it comes to Roster Selection.

I've Said this on other Forum's if you Want a Balanced Game Just Make Every Character's Health Pool the Same Make Their Attack's Different but do the same amount of Damage and Stop Letting Spammer's Beat out Combos. When I Played MK9 if I Came accross a Spammer I'd Let Him Take 99% of My HP Then I'd Unleash a Furious Combo and Have enuff Positioning Skill to Wiff Punish Them Back into another 2 or 3 combos without being hit and Win Every time.... Thats Just The Way it was skill was Necessary. There Was a Learning Curve if you Learned you were Good Not Just Buy The Game Look at the Lows, Overheads, Grab Buttons and Krushing Blows and overcome skill. Its just like Sombody Pressed the Easy Button Cuz They Wanted to be Lazy and it's Pissed alotta People off.

50/50's used to have a small Tell that could be read with each individual character and Were Used For combo Reset's and took alotta skill now there is no tell and people use it for an infinite guessing Game spamming nothing but 50/50 and Option Select's it's Quite Frustrating.

Things I Hope to see More of in MK1!!

Please try to have a descriptive subject on posts 01/11/2022 11:02 PM EST
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