Best and Worst Fatalities
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Best and Worst Fatalities
05/21/2019 04:18 AM EST

Hi there. Which 3 fatalities do you like the most and in your opinion, which are the 3 most lame assed ones?

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RE: Best and Worst Fatalities
05/21/2019 05:15 AM EST

Hi there. Which 3 fatalities do you like the most and in your opinion, which are the 3 most lame assed ones?

Both Kano's are the worst imo. Erron Black's where he pours acid and smashes victims head in it is whatever too. And Cetrion's god-like fatality.

The best for me are D'Vorah's New Species and Noob Saibot's Double Trouble. Not sure who would the third be. Maybe Sub Zero's Frozen In Time.

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RE: Best and Worst Fatalities
05/21/2019 11:37 AM EST
05/21/2019 11:38 AM EST


Dvorah's New Species (without a doubt my favorite)

Kotal Kahn's Totem Sacrifice

Kitana's Gore-Nado

Least Favorites:

Cassie's crotch kick

Kano's Last Dance

Shao Kahn's Back Blown Out

Another observation... there are a few brutalities that leave the opponent skinless, with only their muscle tissue showing. I would have liked to have seen this form in more fatalities - like in Erron Black's acid melt fatality. I thought it would have been more impactful to have the opponent's skin melted off their face by the acid, instead of just being stomped/exploded. Too many flying eye balls overall too, but most of the fatalities are very well done.

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RE: Best and Worst Fatalities
05/22/2019 02:36 AM EST
05/22/2019 02:38 AM EST

Woah... this isn't easy to decide because there are a lot of great fatalities.


D'Vorah Can't Die (I was really shocked when I saw it)

Kollector Head Lantern (I just love it, don't ask me why)

Cassie Cage Girl Power (love the fact that the skull is still screaming and really creativ)

Honorable mentions: Kitana Gore-Nado, Noob Split Decision, D'Vorah New Species, Johnny Cage Who Hired This Guy

Worst Fatalities:

Jax Coming In Hot (OMG so boring for me)

Kano Face Like A Dropped Pie (more Brutality than Fatality)

Sub Zero Ice-Cutioner (isn't that bad but at the end only a decaptation)

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RE: Best and Worst Fatalities
05/22/2019 08:05 PM EST


Noob Saibot Double Trouble - Easily one of the best fatalities in MK history.

Sub-Zero Frozen in Time - Probably one of Sub-Zero's most brutal and certainly his best fatality since MK3.

Kitana Gore-Nado - Pretty boss fatality for Kitana. Of course it should be a Fujin Fatality but whatever.


Wooh dowgy, this game actually has a lot of lame to bad fatalities from Sonya's dull tech fatalities to Raidens' even less inspired ones to Erron Bland pillaging from Reptiles' bag of tricks and Cassie Cages whatever the hell, it will be hard to pick just three.

Geras Peeling Back - Everyone says this is one of the most brutal, but I'm sorry the presentation ruins this for me and makes it one of the corniest with how her tears the character perfectly in two as if they had a seam line.

Jade - I'm going to cheat and just say both of hers are awful. So generic and dull they in a way fall short of her silly to just as tame MK3 Fatalities.

Cetrion Good and Evil - All that overkill for so little. The finish doesn't even match the scope of the presentation.

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