Cheap Abandonment Set Strategy
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Cheap Abandonment Set Strategy
09/01/2019 04:24 PM EST

Yo! In recent weeks, the season 3 of Mortal Kombat 11 online has begun, and so I play a lot against other players. Only there, recently, in face a lot of opponent with a wierd... Strategy? Basically it's often with high-ranking players: the match starts and I disassemble them (I have a pretty good Kung Lao), but when it comes time to move on to the next fight, he puts his cursor on "abandonment of set"and wait ... and even when the timer reaches 0, it stays that way. Basically they wait for me to disconnect to earn the points of my abandonment and I get penalized ... Someone has a solution? (except wait until he / she is tired to wait and leave me with 0 points while I won) Thanks in advance ^^ (I play on the switch if ever, I know it's not whew, but perso I like, and I need no more ^ ^)

PS : sorry if my english ain't that good, still learning ^^

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RE: Cheap Abandonment Set Strategy
09/03/2019 12:41 PM EST

Yeah, stop playing online and let them rot.

Play Samurai Shodown, it's great and fantastic online

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RE: Cheap Abandonment Set Strategy
09/05/2019 06:00 PM EST

This is the first time I've heard of this. I'm assuming you're the same one that posted on GameFaqs?

Just a stab in the dark... but does anything happen if you open your console's dashboard and manually Block the person's Gamertag? I'm wondering if it would force a de-sync or anything.

BTW, your English is fine. I had no problem following your post.

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