Crazy Havik ideas (long post)
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Crazy Havik ideas (long post)
12/03/2016 12:06 PM EST
Havik, being the cleric of chaos, needs abilities and moves conveying that. Here are some ideas below, mostly X-Rays.

1) XR: Inside and out.

Havik shrinks himself and somehow ends in his opponent's body. Ripping out one of his own ribs, he cuts in their intestines, snaps his rib in two, sticks both pieces on both sides of the intestines, and slides down them like they're pipes, slicing them in the process.

We'd alternate between shots inside their intestines and "outside" shots of the opponent's XR'd belly, both showing Havik sliding down.

At some point, Havik would cut in their abdomen, where he'd sort of float in reddish clouds, puncturing any organs he comes across with his ribsticks, before bursting out of their belly, ending the XR. Havik regains his regular size afterwards.

2) A second shrinking XR idea, where Havik cuts in one of their leg, either climbs it or "wallbounces" of it a la Mario, cutting tendons in the process (We'd get the XR shots of Mini-Havik doing that from outside the opponent) and ends inside one of their eyesockets, where he chews on their optic nerve, before pushing/kicking out their eyeball to get out, holding on their optic nerve like it's a rope, then jumps off it, regains his regular size in mid-air and kicks the opponent in the face, putting their eyeball back in it's socket.

Brutality: Chews off their optic nerve, making the eyeball fall off. Havik then comes out of their eyesocket, making a "tada!" gesture.

3) A fatality where he once again goes inside his opponent. We see his head stick out of their torso, and it goes up, eventually coming out of their mouth. The rest is just the visual of Havik in his "meat suit".

4) Another XR, with a twist: Havik's body is also XR'd. Havik shrinks his opponent, gets them inside him where they get showered in stomach acid (the camera would be fully inside Havik), before Havik pukes them up. On their way out of his mouth, Havik catches them with his teeth. The camera would be close to his mouth as he bites his opponent, his upper teeth severing their spine and his lower teeth tearing in their belly.

Two brutality ideas: One where the opponent is melted by the acid and their skeleton left floating inside Havik's body, and the other where Havik chews off their torso, the same way the trees in the MK9 Living Forest stage fatality did.

Another things that could happen in Havik's XRs is him deliberately breaking his own bones, which would also be XR'd.

5) A Thing-inspired parry move where the opponent punches/kicks through Havik's belly, and huge sharp teeth biting them, complete with a brutality also inspired by The Thing.

This is it, for now.
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RE: Crazy Havik ideas (long post)
05/01/2017 08:08 AM EST
With Noob Saibot missing, make Havik the interim Saibot. A highly feared yet secretive title in the Chaosrealm and the Netherrealm. He'd be so superior in this position because of what he learned from the wraith when the pair made a understanding.
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