Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
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Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/10/2019 01:52 PM EST

Mods, please move to Fan Kreation board if necessary but I was just thinking a good way to waste some time until MK11 would be creating some intro dialogue. Keeping the base roster in mind (the leaks are what we will go by) and the possibility of anyone in MK lore being DLC.

I had a few on another thread I posted about the Betas. I'll start with those.

Sub Zero vs Raiden

Sub Zero - "I thought Shang Tsung was dead"

Raiden - "Kronika, Keeper of Time, is behind this"

Sub Zero - "I'm losing faith in the God's"

Cassie Vs Raiden

Cassie - "Hey Thunder God, make it Rain?"

Raiden - "That will cost extra"

Cassie - "Rain is DLC??"

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/10/2019 06:06 PM EST

Noob Vs Scorpion

Scorpion: Bi Han.

Noob: He is dead, I am Noob Saibot.

Scorpion: Then I will kill you too

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/10/2019 06:22 PM EST

Scorpion: "You seem... familiar?!"
Noob: "Do I have to kill you again?"
Scorpion: (through gritted teeth) "Sub Zero!"

Noob: "How's the family?"
Scorp: "Burn in Hell!"
Noob: "Been there, done that!"

Scorp: "Quan Chi used us both."
Noob: "But I wanted this!"
Scorp: "You're just a shadow of your former self."

Noob: "Cool it, hot-head."
Scorp: "I'm gonna roast you like last time!"
Noob: "Get over it!"

I just really want these two to finally meet.

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/10/2019 07:23 PM EST
03/10/2019 07:24 PM EST

I did a bunch of Frost intros. Can she please be revealed already?

Frost: It's been a long time, Grandmaster.

Sub-Zero: You've betrayed me for the last time!

Frost: Most certainly...


Skarlet: Your presence has made a chill run down my spine.

Frost: You won't have a spine once I'm done with you!

Skarlet: Now that's cold blooded.


Frost: Little Cage.

Cassie: You should talk, Mini-Sub Zero.

Frost: You'll die along with your parents!

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/10/2019 09:01 PM EST
03/11/2019 11:13 AM EST

Johnny Cage: Back for another child custody battle?

Sonya: Funny...

Johnny Cage: I thought so too.


Scorpion: Liu Kang, Quan Chi's sorcery still wriggles through your mind.

Liu Kang: No one controls me now. The Netherrealm is mine.

Scorpion: I know your pain, I will free you of your suffering....


Kitana: Scorpion, it is you who is responsible for my fate

Scorpion: Princess...I am sorry.

Kitana: Don't be, I mean to thank you.


Jacqui: You took a shot at my dad!

Erron Black: Was aiming for you.

Jacqui: Last shot you're ever gonna to miss!


Sub-Zero: Jacqueline.

Jacqui: Time for another test master Kuai Liang?

Sub-Zero: I fear your reliance on technology has made you sloppy. Commence.


Noob Saibot: You.

Sub-Zero: Brother...I will save you!

Noob Saibot: Your brother is dead...


Jax: Really wish you hadn't gotten Jacqui caught up in this.

Sonya: Jax, she came to us.

Jax: Could have said no.


Sonya: Uh, great just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse

Johnny Cage: Hey don't lie, this face just made your day.

Sonya: You're right, nothing makes me happier than punching it.


Cassie: Dad? Really? This again?

Johnny Cage: Hey, just gotta make sure I'm still the best Cage in town.

Cassie: Can't we just call it a draw?


Liu Kang: You wish to challenge me for the throne?

Kitana: There can only be one ruler of the Netherrealm.

Liu Kang: So be it!


Kano: Oooh, ello girly, miss me eh?

Sonya: Not this time.

Kano: Heheheh this oughta be fun!


Jade: Kitana has told me of the life you stole from us!

Raiden: Lay on scum of the Netherrealm!

Jade: Callous god!


Noob Saibot: I should thank you Hanzo.

Scorpion: You owe me nothing wraith.

Noob Siabot: On the contrary, without you I would not exist.

Alright I'm tapping out. I could keep going all day.

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/11/2019 04:02 AM EST

In my eyes, Fujin is an absolute must for any story involving an evil Raiden (or a war involving numerous gods) so here's a few for them.

Fujin: You've changed, Raiden!
Raiden: I eliminated my weakness.
Fujin: You're acting like Shinnok.

Raiden: Join me in finally defeating our enemies!?
Fujin: You've become Earth's biggest threat!
Raiden: I will protect Earthrealm at any cost!

Fujin: You've lost your spark.
Raiden: You think you can stop me?
Fujin: It'll be a breeze!

Raiden: You were my greatest ally!
Fujin: This time, it's not the winds that have changed!
Raiden: Shocking!

Sonya: Are you a past version of me? (because even I'm still unsure in parts of the story trailer)
Cassie: Wow! And I thought Dad was the self-centered one!
Sonya: At least I don't cosplay as my parents.

Rain to Raiden: Thunder only happens when it rains!

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/11/2019 09:00 AM EST
03/11/2019 09:08 AM EST

Erron: "Take my advice and turn away."
Kano: "What makes you think I'm gonna take two cents from you?"
Erron: "Interesting choice of words...."

Raiden: "I believed you were supposed to be dead."
Reiko: "You're aware that death means nothing in Mortal Kombat."
Raiden: "Then I will tell you the same thing I told Shinnok."

Reiko: "I like to think of life as a game of chess."
Shao: "I heard you fancy yourself a king...?"
Reiko: "Nonsense! The king is too easily cornered."

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/11/2019 09:38 AM EST

Cassie: "How do you eat with those things?"

Baraka: "You'll find out soon enough."

Cassie: "Sweet! I always wanted to go to Red Lobster!"


Jade: "Why the agression, love?"

Jacqui: "You attacked my father, you asshat!"

Jade: "Then like father, like daughter."


Jacqui: "So why do you sound like a chainsmoker?"

Erron Black: "Sorry, didn't quite catch that."

Jacqui: "Fine. You can catch these hands."


Sub-Zero: "Why do you abandon your purpose?"

Frost: "I serve a greater purpose now."

Sub-Zero: "You serve a tyrant."


Frost: "You lack discipline."

Cassie: "And you lack hair."

Frost: "My point proven."


Shao Kahn: "This is my realm."

Kotal Kahn: "A dead man cannot claim land."

Shao Kahn: "I'll make you a prime example."

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RE: Create Your Own PreFight Dialogues MK11
03/11/2019 05:59 PM EST

I prefer to create my own with my voice. That way everyone will say kool stuff.

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