Customizable Costume Idea for Future Games
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Customizable Costume Idea for Future Games
06/12/2015 08:45 PM EST
I had a dream one night of what looked like an MK game. Ermac was fighting someone on a Raft in some stormy ocean stage while wearing a White T-Shirt and Empty Wine Bottle...and I want to say this. ...

MK should have a customizable costume idea down the road. I'm not too big a fan of Tekken anymore, but its costume feature looks like it would be fun to toy with. Say there's some features of Liu Kang that people like of one costume but not of well as earning new moves and other elements. Not buying them with real $$, but maybe with virtual coins earned in game.

This should be a thing!

MKvsDC, MK9, and MKX all have very similar gameplay, matter of fact, 9 and X is almost just like MKvsDC, but on a 2D plane. I enjoyed DC's gameplay and was sort of a breathe of fresh air after playing 9 and X, I still say MK11 should be on a 3D plane, too many recent fighters have been on a 2D plane (Killer Instinct, street Fighter, MvC, KoF, Smash Bros, Persona) and Tekken's doing the same thing over again. I still have yet to hear an argument that convinces me otherwise, everyone's all like "The series took off after MK9", yeah, 'cause everyone's favorite returned, offered loads of content and it was heavily advertised, I was called a troll once for saying I preferred 3D over 2D...mob mentality much? ..Rant over.
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RE: Customizable Costume Idea for Future Games
06/19/2015 08:00 AM EST
Yeah, I'd be all for giving the characters accessories like Killer Instinct is doing.