Do we need MK4 for next gen consoles?
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Do we need MK4 for next gen consoles?
10/08/2020 11:27 PM EDT

Hi everyone it's been a while since the last time I logged into my MKO account, hope everyone is doing well and safe. Glad to be back! I just wanted to share something really interesting with the MK community. I just found out this guy on YouTube who is doing an exceptional job on remastering the MK4 endings under Unreal Engine, his name is Darko Subotin and believe me when I tell you all that the outcome is superb. This guy should be working for NRS since he has an amazing talent and would be an exceptional addition to Boon's team so we can all enjoy the best MK games put out there for us. So I'm wondering is there any possibility that we can revisit the old school games for next gen consoles since there was once upon a time a project for MK HD. Here's the link to one of his videos you guys be the judge by looking at his work side by side with the original MK4 endings we got back in the day.

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RE: Do we need MK4 for next gen consoles?
10/09/2020 06:43 AM EDT

These endings are great and YES we definitely need an arcade perfect version of MK4 on home consoles. And NO, MK Gold was far from it, it was a mess just like MKT compared to the arcade UMK3.

IMO MK4 (including MKMSZ) had the best story full of mysticism and dark mood. It's such an injustice that most MK fans never experienced the real MK4 (arcade) because they got the highly downgraded home ports...

Even the mame version is far from arcade...

This was a captured straight from the MK4 arcade board:

I am mortal - I am a thief and assassin - I am a Lin Kuei warrior - I am SUB-ZERO

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