Every Brutality in Aftermath
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Every Brutality in Aftermath
06/18/2020 04:54 AM EST



These are brutalities I found in the game's code, but have no idea how to activate them, or even if they are even coded into the game, and are not simply placeholders or red herrings.

  • Cetrion: Good Bye, New Beginning.
  • D'Vorah: Fly By, Spreading Out.
  • Fujin: Three unnamed brutalities.
  • Geras: Trampled.
  • Kitana: Good Night.
  • Kollector: Faceless, Killing Time.
  • Kotal Kahn: Never Enough, Departed.
  • Kung Lao: Off With Your Head, Think Again.
  • Liu Kang: Two unnamed brutalities.
  • Nightwolf: Two unnamed brutalities.
  • Noob Saibot: Turning Away, Fade To Black.
  • Raiden: Die Again, Shocking, Executed.
  • Robocop: One unnamed brutality.
  • Shang Tsung: Soul Sucker, two unnamed brutalities.
  • Shao Kahn: Almighty Kahn, Powerful Priest
  • Sheeva: One unnamed brutality.
  • Sindel: Two unnamed brutalities.
  • Skarlet: Just A Prick.
  • Sonya: Kiss It, Discharged.
  • Spawn: One unnamed brutality.
  • Sub Zero: Final Strike.
  • The Joker: One unnamed brutality.
  • The Terminator: Two unnamed brutalities.


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RE: Every Brutality in Aftermath
06/22/2020 10:54 AM EST

I really hope that NRS will release the last Brutalities to everyone for free. It just sucks that some of them are already locked.

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