Gold Krypt Event (#1) - Friday, April 10th
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Gold Krypt Event (#1) - Friday, April 10th
04/10/2020 11:32 AM EST
04/12/2020 09:49 AM EST

24 hour Krypt Event #1 returns Friday (today) at 9AM CST:

Gold Kronika Vault event containing Jax's Klassic Bionic Arms and Jax's Steel Patiot Skin.

"Look to la luna. OPT FO TIP HET."

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RE: Gold Krypt Event (#1) - Saturday, April 10th
04/11/2020 07:04 AM EST

Might want to change the thread title to say 'Friday' bud, know we're all a bit out of it with bank holidays during a lockdown, but just to avoid disappointment on anyone thinking it's going to appear in two hours time when it's actually going to disappear at that time!

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