How can I use Fatality Tokens??
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How can I use Fatality Tokens??
06/08/2020 01:53 PM EST

Hey guys,
I really need your help. My wife and I love mortal combat 11, but remembering all the different button combinations for each fatality is kinda annoying. I've read that you can use Tokens to activate the ”easy” fatality button combinations. But I really don’t know how to use these tokens? What do I have to do? I already have 100 Tokens. How can I use them to activate the ”easy” fatality Button combination?? I appreciate your answers!

Much Love

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RE: How can I use Fatality Tokens??
06/09/2020 03:14 PM EST

If you go to the moves list, under the fatality/finisher section, it should have the button prompts for the Easy Fatalities under the regular inputs.

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