I'm collecting heads at the krypt. You can find out who is next with me. Part 3
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I'm collecting heads at the krypt. You can find out who is next with me. Part 3
05/19/2019 09:22 PM EST

The upper part of Scorpion's body is separated from the waist. One of his arms are also. Kabal walks up to the corpse staring down at him.

Kabal: Re-spawn from that.

He looks over to the battle and walks away.



Cassie tries looking at what is on the screen that Scorpion was on earlier. Neither him nor Kabal are there. She looks around on others. His figure lies dead in the sand. Cassie stares at it for a moment then focuses back to the drone.


Liu Kang is punching and kicking the cyber units. With a quick uppercut one's head dismantles. He shoots a fire ball at another making it explode. Kano sees what is happening and shakes his head.

Kano: I knew I rushed this bunch.

Raiden electrocutes one of the units making it's upper body explode. He sees and walks toward Kano and is about to electrocute the assassin. He feels something take hold of both his ankles. The hands of the cyber unit he just destroyed take hold of him, three more that are still intact grab him taking him down. They start to freeze Raiden with their hands. He is about to put all his power in propelling forward but Kano's laser hits him in the chest. Raiden nearly falls as the cyber units continue to freeze him.

Kano scratches the back of his head and walks toward the elder god. He looks down at the two arms that are holding his ankles and lets out a chuckle.

Kano: New trick, mate. Had to think of something since you guys are always breaking my shit.

Raiden: Why have you decided to risk your life in dealing with this new cause?

Kano: I'm just been a team playa. After all, all you pricks practically killed all my other crew. I kind of miss them. Just a little.

Raiden: Don't tell me you are not looking for full dominance. Just like anyone else you have worked for, there will be betrayal.

Kano: Glad you know me so well. But lets keep that between us shall we.

Raiden hardly sees as Kano reaches for his knife. The blade is already in the air and goes toward the elder god.

A green flash appears and Johnny Cage is in front of Raiden. He grab the knife and throws it at Kano. The knife is in the assassins forehead. He falls.

Johnny Cage: It's all in the reflexes.

He punches the two cyborgs as Raiden attacks the third. Raiden falls to his knees and struggles to catch his breadth. While he does he makes sure to take off the arms.

Johnny Cage: Raiden. What the hell is going on?

Liu Kang walks up to the two. All the cyborgs are destroyed.

Liu Kang: We are as confused as you.

Johnny: I came here as quickly as I can. Jax told me the facility was under attack. More artillery should be arriving soon.

Raiden: You came alone?

Johnny: Yes, because I knew I would get here before them. My little girl is in there. Along with Jacqui and Sonya. We got to get rid of these guys and fast.

The three run toward the attack. They take out a few Black Dragon members but are held back as some notice and shoot at the three. Raiden teleports.



Raiden appears. He looks around the control room. Sony Blade approaches.

Sonya: Raiden. Glad you are here. Even though we have held them off, there is no telling what other danger may happen. I don't thing there are many Black Dragon members left. And with the Lin Kuei and more Special Forces showing up, this mess should be dealt with quick.

Raiden: Those must be the reinforcements Johhny was talking about.

Casie: My dad is here?

She walks fast toward the two. Sonya bites down on her lip wishing Cassie did not hear.

Cassie: Is out there by him self. We need to help him.

Raiden: He will be fine, Cassie. Liu Kang and I will make sure of that.

Cassie: Just you two. I won't sit around for this.

Sonya: Cassie, get back to your position.

Cassie: No mother. Not this time. Look at what happened to Scorpion. (she points to the screen but no one looks) That could be dad, or even Liu. I'm going to help them.

Jacqui walks up to the three.

Jacqui: There will be more help. They are most likely more safe than we are.

Cassie: Most likely is not good enough.

She runs off. Sonya takes a few steps toward her.

Sonya: Get back over here! You have a job to do.

Cassie keeps running.

Sonya: Screw it. I'll take care of her after this. Get back to where you were, Jacqui. We have our orders.

Jacqui stands a looking at Sonya a bit hesitant but does what she is told.

Raiden: I can go speak with her.

Sonya: There is no time.

Raiden: My thoughts also. Perhaps we...

There is a sound coming from the portal. Both Sonya and Raiden look to see what is causing the disturbance.

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