I'm collecting heads at the krypt. You can find out who is next with me. Part 4
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I'm collecting heads at the krypt. You can find out who is next with me. Part 4
05/19/2019 11:33 PM EST



A Special Forces boat reaches upon shore. It is armored with guns but carries no more than five operatives. One been Jax. Jax is the first to get out of the boat. Without thought he walks deeper into the island. It does not take long for him to reach the temple. When he does he stops.

Jax: I'm at the temple guys. Stay put until I say other wise. Copy?

Voice on radio: Copy.

Jax continues walking toward the temple. When he gets in the courtyard he stops and looks around. The look on his face is confused as he notices something.

Jax (talks into his radio): Feels like there is great amount of energy here. I don't think this place has been abandoned.

He continues walking deeper into the temple. There is a low noise somewhere behind him. Jax looks behind himself to see what may have caused it. The courtyard is just as empty as before. Ignoring the sound he continues walking. There is a tap on the ground this time. Once again he looks behind his back. A shadowed face behind a razor hat is seen. Kung Lao stands like a statue almost.

Kung Lao: Looks like I am not the only one who had suspicions about this place.

Jax: Lao. How long have you been here?

Lao: Showed up earlier today. There are some areas sealed off by an energy. I am sure there is a way in.

Jax: More evidence that someone is here. Let me see these areas. Maybe it's nothing my fists can't take care of.

Lao: I would not put too much faith in it. I tried with many strong objects already. Nothing.

Kung Lao lifts his head. His entire face finally shows.

Lao: Perhaps the both of us can find another way in.



Kitanna walks with Baraka, Jade and Kotal through the hallway.

Kitanna: Let's get back in touch with the Special Forces. The Lin Kuei are supposed to be there.

One of her Outworld warriors approaches the four.

Warrior: My highness. There is damper in the sea. It is as though the waves are finally dying off.

Kitanna: Is there anyone above the blood that may be controlling it.

Warrior: Not sure as of yet. More needs to die off.

Kitanna: We will go and see as soon as we can. Get hold of the Special Forces and Lin Kuei.

The four continue forward. This time to go outside.


Many of the Outworld army stands watching as the storm dies. One wave after another they start to get smaller and smaller. When finally there is no more waves, the blood clears from the shore. It is difficult to tell at first but a body is washed up. Kitana looks down at the body lying there until she notices who it is.

Geras brings himself to his feet. His blue eyes look at the palace and tries noticing as much as he can.

Geras: Where is Kronica!

He yells as the army looks at him knowing he cannot kill all of them if he attacks. Yet he starts walking up to the gate to look upon who is standing above it.

Geras: Tell me and perhaps there will be no blood shed.


Kotal: We have enough force to pin him down for questioning. We will keep him in confinement for eternity if necessary.

There is a strike of lightning that catches Kotal's attention. Everyone looks upon the sky. It is hard to tell who it may be at first, as soon as the figure gets closer everyone can see the elder god, Cetrion.

She flies down looking upon the palace.

Cetrion: I will break these walls down if you do not answer him.

Baraka: You are in no place to threaten an entire army. Come down and we can discuss why we do not have to destroy you again.

Kitana looks at Baraka.

Kitana: Let's try settling this more civil.

Kotal: Listen to her. Before there is unnecessary death.

Baraka: You keep quiet Kotal. She is threatening us. Obviously not coming down for debate.

Kitana: Both of you stop. Please.

Kitana looks at Kotal who looks back up at Cetrion in silence.

Cetrion: Where is my mother?

Kitana: Cetrion, she is dead. You were sacrificed to give her strength. Liu Kand defeated her.

Cetrion: Dead. Impossible.

Kitana: It's true. Seen you here is beyond our explanation. This is a time for peace. The war is over.

Cetrion looks down to her side.

Cetrion (saying to herself): How can this be?

She looks back down at the crowd. Anger fills her face. As if she was going to strike down with a mallet she hits a bolt of lightning into the palace. Kitana and her allies jump away from the strike. Cetrion pulls her arms away from one another making the lightning spread out creating a temporary electric wall. Whoever is in the way gets electrocuted and killed. She strikes fire down and burns as many as she can. Then she starts to lift the ground.

Arrows fly at her but giant chunks of sand and rock goes in front of her, blocking any hits. Outside the wall, Geras starts to pound on the door with his gauntlet. With the rocks still in-front of her, Cetrion goes down and is by Geras. She shoots them at the door as well and with both of their strength the door falls.

The forces of Outworld run toward them. There is the sound of heavy wind. A tsunami of blood comes rushing at them, flooding the inside court yard of the palace.


Baraka: This is no place for you Kitana. You must go inside.

Jade: I agree. We will fight these two off. There is no need for you to get killed over this madness.

Kitana: What kind of leader will I be if I run?

Kotal: You must go. It is only the two. And if something does happen to you it will all be in vane.

Kitana looks at the attack.

Kotal: Jade stay with her and protect Kitana like you always have. If something is to happen to her, anything may happen. (he looks at Baraka with question and the tarkatan does the same)

Jade: I'm sure you want this fight to be the last. We can end these two's madness now. Once caught, you will deal their sentence.

Kitana nods her head in agreement. Her and Jade take off inside.



Jax and Kung Lao walk looking for any place important.

Jax: So what are were you looking for?

Lao: The preachers chambers (says with the brim of his hat covering his eyes) I suggest this is where most directions were stored.

Jax: Sure. I guess there is no other choice. (says a bit confused)

The two start to walk. The silence is a bit baring and and both are at a loss of what is happening.

Jax: What are you doing here? I came here to investigate the remains and any secrets. Did Liu Kang have you do the same?

Lao: Liu Kang did not tell me anything. I came without his consent. I know if I did he would of demanded I help him and Raiden waste time looking for who is behind the storm in Outworld. I got word of it before he did. In fact I just left at that moment. The rules that we have been following are now gone. It is time to find and eliminate all threats to Earthrealm, whether it be with allies or not.

Jax: Makes sense. At least we are all on the same page still. This temple is the place for answers.

As they reach the chambers the door is locked. Kung Lao jumps and disappears. There is a sound on the other side. The door opens and the Shaolin lets Jax in.

Jax: Fancy, but I could of just kicked the damn thing in.

The lips underneath the brim of the hat smile.



The two start to search all around the area. There are scrolls spread out all around.

Jax: We don't have time for this. Why don't we just find another way around?

Lao: That will take all day also. There are many areas sealed. That means who ever closed them was paying attention to all points of entry. I suggest we keep looking.

Jax: Aah. Come on Kung Lao. Our friends are placed in battle and here we are looking for something that may not exist.

Voice: I agree.

The two look to where the sound is. Sub-Zero stands at the door.

Sub-Zero: This place holds who is behind all these attacks. The Kollector. He has remnants of the Sands of Time that is altering certain areas of this planet. By whomever holds it.

Jax: And he is behind the sealed doors?

Sub-Zero: Most likely.

The two look at him confused.

Jax: With the three of us, we can break in. I got the artillery. We can can wire explosives around the door and blow it to hell

Sub-Zero: The rocks are thick. We need to open the door.

Kung Lao: How?

Sub-Zero lifts Frosts head. Her mechanical spine is still intact.

Kung Lao: Frost's lifeless head?

Sub-Zero: She is not entirely lifeless.

The eyes open. One is white and blind while the others brow twitches.

Sub-Zero: She has told me that there is an eye verification that Kano and her made. The barrier is not magic. Its a shield.

Jax: Well then, what are we waiting for.

Kung Lao: You two are foolish. Trusting that head said. She knows it's dangerous for you. That is why she is willing to be brought in.

Sub-Zero: Perhaps. She knows she is dead if she doesn't get in also.

Kung Lao shakes his head.

Kung Lao: Go. (looks at Jax) Thought you two to be smarter than that.

Jax: Kung Lao, we just need to finish this before things get really rough. The three of us can handle whatever is in there.

Kung Lao: You go. The island has more than meets the eye. (shakes his head) Go leave. I will stay behind in case of an attack. I'll make sure no one goes in and ambushes you.

The two look at one another and take off.

Kung Lao walks looking around the area. He sees some scrolls that interest him. He breaths out and turns around to leave the chambers. Then he hears something like a whisper behind him. Near his vision there is a figure. Without thought he throws his hat. The shadow moves but Kung Lao expected that. Before anything else happens he teleports and grabs whatever shadow was there. From the ceiling, Kung Lao throws Noob Saibot on the ground. The hat comes back and he puts it on.

Noob Saibot: That will be the last time you outsmart me.

Lao: At least you admit it.

Noob: No need to lie about what has already been seen.

Noob throws his clone and it nearly gets Kung Lao. The Shaolin worrier teleports again. He is going to grab the wrath but he teleports himself. The two zip up and stop, both landing themselves where they stood before. Without question they begin to fight. Kung Lao throws a punch and lands it on Noob Saibot's face.

Lao: Who are you guarding? What would a shadow be concerned with here?

Noob: No one said I am concerned with anything here. Other than the threat I'll bring.

Noob throws the clone and Lao dodges it with a teleport. Noob jumps and kicks Lao where he re-appears. Lao falls on the floor but jumps on his feet.

Lao: I will assure you, that will end today.

Noob(pulls out sythe): The darkness takes over the day.

He throws the sythe at Lao. The shaolin throws his hat hitting the weapon away. Noob teleports again and this time catches Kung Lao. He smashes him on the ground. Dazed, Kung Lao looks where his hat is. It lies next to the sythe. He roles toward it and once he gets it he swings it knowing Noob will teleport near him. The blade of the hat is held up in the air. The black clone bursts. Noob is not in front of him but behind. The point of the sythe sticks out of Kung Lao's stomach.


Jax and Sub-Zero approach the doorway. Sub-Zero places Frosts head where the control panel is. The shield disappears and the two push open the door. They go down a flight of stairs and take caution of who is around. There are sounds and rummaging inside the deeper they go in. The two stay quiet and take cover by a wall. The Kollector is working with the sand and other potions.

Jax (whispering): Let's kill this guy. Once he is done with, we will have the sands of time.

Sub-Zero (whispering): We question him. We will find more answers that way. Possibly more than what Frost has said.

Jax(whispering): Well, with the two of us that should not be a problem.

Voice: Three.

The voice of Noob Saibot is loud enough the catch not only Sub-Zero and Jax's attention, but the Kollector's as well.

Noob: Brother. I knew I would have to kill you before I make this world dead.

Sub-Zero throws Frost's head to the side.

Sub-Zero: You will do nothing of the sort.

The ball of the collector goes near them but Jax punches it away.

Jax: Get Noob while I bag the Kollector.

Kollector: You are not capable of such a task.

Jax: I will be capable of tearing you apart.


The palace of Kitana is still under attack. Kitana waits in her room while Jade guards the doors. Kitana tries contacting Special Forces.

Kitana: Sonya can you hear me?


Sonya Blade, Raiden and Jacqui look at the portal as the middle of it keeps getting disrupted. It stops for a second and then a hoof comes out, then several more. Within seconds centaurs are coming out and standing all around the portal. They are all aware of who is around.

Sonya: Centaurs?

Raiden: The portal is inside Kitana's palace. Yet, she never made piece with their kind. I'm hoping she did but forgot to say. (he looks at Sonya) I doubt she would leave out an important detail.

A heavy leg steps through. It is armored red with spikes. Shao Kahn appears.

Raiden (worried): Shao Kahn, what have you done with Kitana and her...

Shao Kahn: You fool. I have yet to kill her and whatever scum that betrayed me. Once the storm came upon Outworld's palace, my new alliance and I quickly acted and killed our way through a small portion of fools to get to the portal. First my new alliance will grow stronger in Earthrealm. Then I will take back the world that is mine.

Shao Kahn holding his mallet in the air runs forward, along with the centaurs.

Jacqui: Not today.

Both forces run and shoot at one another.


Kitana waits, looking out the window.


The blood goes through the palaces main entry as Cetrion burns through certain areas. Geras punches through worriers. Each time he is wounded he heals himself with the sand that he is made of.


Kitana walks toward the door upset about seen the palace get flooded. It is time she does something.

Kitana: Jade.

Jade looks at her

Kitana: We need to see what our troops that where going to Earthrealm are doing.

Jade: You lost touch of the Special Forces.

Kitana: I tried contacting Sonya. Nothing. I want to see if our troops made it through the tunnel. This storm might have been a distraction for someone else.

Jade: I will go. You need to stay here. Everything is in your hands. Your time for scouting is over. You are the Kahn of Outworld now. That means you need to take different precautions about your self.

Kitana stays quiet for a second.

Kitana: You are my best and most loyal scout. Only you would take a task and not be seen. I believe you alone will be safe. Once you find out what happened, you need to come straight back over here. I need a report to tell the others. This information lies in your hands.

Jade bows.

Jade: As you wish.

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