I'm collecting heads at the krypt. You can find out who is next with me. Part 5
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I'm collecting heads at the krypt. You can find out who is next with me. Part 5
05/20/2019 11:46 PM EST
05/20/2019 11:55 PM EST

Jade takes off and leaves Kitana alone.

Kitana goes to the radio control board. Still there is no contact. This time she tries getting a hold of the Shaolin Temple.

Kitana: Liu Kang (clears her throat) Liu Kang. I know you are not there, but I wish you were. If you get this, stay at your temple. If you are able to get your powers together...

She looks behind her thinking she heard something. No one is there.

Kitana: If you get your powers back. (stops for a moment) I just want you safe. This was not supposed to happen. We were going to be together. Even if it was for a little while.

She hears someone at the doorway. This time she knows someone is there.

Kitana: Your back.

Voice: Oh, pardon me. You mean to talk to that pretty lady who was just leaving? Think it might have been better if you went with her.

Kitana turns around in a snap. She sees Erron Black. He leans against the rim of the door relaxed.

Black: By the way I think you left a window opened in the other room.

Before Kitana can reach for her fan blade someone grabs her and places a dagger at her throat.

Skarlet: You should have been thinking of your self more than your army, princes. Most of your solders were easy to get pass and the rest are dying outside. Now you are left all alone.

Kitana: You don't know what you are doing. If you help Cetrion and Geras...

Skarlet: Oh, we are helping ourselves. To this palace that is.

Kitana: My armies are loyal. They will never follow you.

Skarlet looks at Black who takes out a small tube of sand.

Kitana swallows. She wants to let out one yell just for her friend Jade to hear.

Kitana: Controlling a little bit of time will not make you capable of controlling an army.

Black: A dead army. You think those tarkatans are going to fallow the former kahn, Kotal. Once they find out their new one is dead, they will turn to Baraka.

Skarlet: You can be with us if you want. We will have to keep you on a short leash and you would command this newly formed army to our will.

Kitana: You will have to fight me first to ask me of anything.

Skarlet: Or you could just die.

The dagger goes across her throat. Blood whips on the wall. There is a brief second of what little life Kitana has left. She whispers her final words.

Kitana: Liu.

The body drops.

Erron Black takes a few steps toward the body looking down at Kitana.

Black: Maybe we could of kept her alive. Then again its better to have everyone on check. (he looks up at Skarlet) Are you sure you can absorb some of that blood out there to kill that goddess?

Skarlet looks at the dagger, then her eyes narrow on Black.

Skarlet: Of course I can.



Jax: Your going to tell me who else has the sand.

Kollector: The sand? You will find out soon enough. Once one of the kombatants fall through with their mission, their reign will begin.

Jax: Kind of like Frost over there did. You must really be desperate to follow.

Kollector: Not follow, control. I bended the sands of time to my liking. Once there is a ruler, they will have no choice but to listen to my plea. Them and their army.

Jax: Well, good luck.

He goes for a forward punch. The Kollector is fast enough to move away. Jax swings his other arm at him but misses. He hits the table and breaks it. The Kollector throws his orb at the major but misses as Jax steps to the side. With his two free hands the Kollector takes out his daggers. Jax comes at him but the Kollector kicks the legs of a table that drops a potion. Mist rises and blinds Jax. He puts his gaurd up and swings rapidly. When he is able to step away from the mist, a blade comes at him.

Hardly able to see it, Jax catches the two arms. But the Kollector has the orb in his the other two hands. He punches it onto Jax's ribs, causing him to fall down. His hands break free as Jax falls to the floor. Kollector swings the ball from it's chain and is going to bring it down.

Sub-Zero sees what is happening and ice-slides toward the Kollector as fast as he can. He is fast enough to reach the fight in time. The Kollector falls forward with the orb not able to hit Jax. Once the Kollector gets up. Sub-Zero forms an axe and swings it. The orb swings, but Sub-Zero breaks the axe on it. Kollector rushes Sub-Zero with his daggers, but Kuai Lang takes his own and is about to throw them until Noob Saibot shoots a cloud at him to the ground. Noob takes out his sythe ready to swing it at Sub-Zero as he falls through a black shadow above. The metal fist of Jax comes at Noob and launches him to the wall. Sub-Zero falls on the ground.

The Kollector's orb once again comes at Jax. The major hits it and quickly turns with the impact. He is close to the Kollector now who has his daggers ready, but the pressure of Jax's fist break the Kollector's wrists. The other two hands with the chain are about to come down at Jax but he hits those away also. Quickly he grabs Kollectors neck with both hands. The Kollector tries moving his arms but drops the chain instead. Jax twists one hand and breaks Kollectors neck.

Noob Saibot is quickly up, but phased. Sub-Zero prepares his daggers and throws them at his brother, who then teleports.

Both look around to where Noob Saibot might be.

Sub-Zero: Got away. Both of them. (he says looking for Frost's head)

Jax: For once you did not think ahead.

The two stay quiet.

Jax: Well, no pun attended.

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