i think this NPC character needs to comeback as a DLC in MK11
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i think this NPC character needs to comeback as a DLC in MK11
05/19/2020 05:08 PM EDT
05/19/2020 10:01 PM EDT

The scythe can be his signature weapon

I was looking the history of the Mortal Kombat 3D era...and i see this guy called " Wu Lae" at first glance it looks like a very low class goon, who was supposedly an enemy of sub zero in the MK: Armaggedon game... nothing you see about this guy looks particularly interesting, but something catch my attention.

This guy is the leader of the "Tengu Clan", and to be honest, i think i like the idea of a Tengu / Raven looking character as a new concept related to the tengu japanese mythology, and the more i think about it.... more i think it's actually a pretty cool idea that i need to share.

I think it's a pretty cool concept to introduce, after all we never have seen a fighter with that gimmick before... You can design the character to use wings, claws, summon ravens, use the scythe or even razor sharp feathers as attacks or fatalities .. plus this guy already have a story with the Lin Kuei, in the past ...the Tengu Clan and the Lin Kuei have a very tense truce because the Tengu Clan wants the sacred terrains were the Lin Kuei HQ is settled, so Wu Lae already have some sort of relation with one of the main characters and a clear motivation, that is to kill sub zero and eliminate the Lin Kuei. He can even create an alliance with Frost to kill Sub Zero and become the new rival clan of the Lin Kuei... at least it's a better history and development some characters in the 3D era have.

i would like see him wit cybernetic legs that have this crow-lookin claws he can use as a weapon (Frost can be the one who offer him this new legs after he lost against the first Sub Zero and he cut the legs of Wu Lae as a warning to maintain a truce between the clans )

Honestly i think this new redesign can make this character pretty unique, we already see Tremor become a cool character that get a lot of love from the fans, and he was just as a very bland NPC from one of the most mediocre Mortal Kombat games in history so ....why not do the same with Wu Lae?

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