IMDB leaked part of the roster? Not quite...
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IMDB leaked part of the roster? Not quite...
01/10/2019 09:31 PM EST
01/10/2019 09:37 PM EST

Seen this floating around on other sites and Twitter so figured I would post it here for open discussion. On IMDBs MK11 page, they have a partial cast / roster list.

Erron Black and Stryker (Troy Baker), Sub-Zero and Reptile (Steve Blum), Scorpion (Kevin Conroy and Ed Boon), Kung Jin (Johnny Yung Bosch), Smoke (Andrew Bowen), Cassie Cage (Ashly Burch), Shao Kahn (Bob Carter), Kenshi (Vic Chao), Jax (Greg Eagles), Raiden (Richard Epcar), Kitana (Grey Griffin), Tanya (Jennifer Hale), Kotal Kahn (Phil LeMarr), Jade (Linda Lee), Kabal (David Lodge), Jacqui Briggs (Danielle Nicolet), Kano (Nolan North), Ermac (Jamieson Price), Torr (Fred Tatasciore) and Liu Kang (Matthew Yang King).

Pretty sure the Kitana VA debunked this by saying she wasnt involved but could she have been pulling a troll move as to not give anything away? Probably not but still, something to speculate on anyway.

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RE: IMDB leaked part of the roster? Not quite...
01/10/2019 09:42 PM EST

I would not say that is a leak of the roster since NPCs need to be voiced as well and most of those characters are from MKX. since the story of MK11 seems to take place shortly after MKX they would return. I look at some of those characters and think they would be NPCs rather then playable for example Stryker.

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