Inspired by MK11 Aftermath and because I am bored
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Inspired by MK11 Aftermath and because I am bored
05/12/2020 03:02 PM EDT

Well My idea is that having the Aftermath of Aftermath, Shinnok(Demon mode) meets an younger Shinnok. And Demon Shinnok takes the Younger Shinnok post Aftermath events and mentored him into the darker arts and how to repairs his body when behead if needed.

Sareena learning of this; persuades Liu Kang and Raiden to use teleport Bi-han before he kills Scorpion at that Temple and if possible Scorpion as well. During this time, Quan Chi, Reiko, Havik and Ermac get pulled by Shinnok as well. Bi-Han asked Sareena to get Smoke as well, know that he is a reliable Lin Kuei member and letting Kuai Leng leading Lin Kuei as of right now.

Ermac encounters Sindel and his memories of his life as King Jerrod and having mixed emotions about her. He encounters and learns the fates of Kenshi and Takeda in the Netherrealm.

Bi-han encounters his darker future self and they fight each other. Sareena and Bi-han flips Noob Saibot to join them and get him to fight Shinnok.

Well Noob Saibot(Bi Han) and Sub Zero(Bi Han) tag team against Shinnok(both Demon and Younger). Noob Saibot dies in Bi-Han's arms. Bi han defeats both Shinnoks.

Bi-han does return to the past and convices Scorpion to a team up against Quan Chi during the Attack on Shirai Ryu

Save a life; Kill a necromorph
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