Johnny Cage Announcer Voice Now Available!*
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Johnny Cage Announcer Voice Now Available!*
08/07/2019 09:10 PM EST

There was a sizeable update today (August 7) to MK11 that made a few changes:

New Brutality victory animations

Tower Difficulty Indicators

New Rewards!

Johnny Cage Announcer Voice

UNCONFIRMED - New Stage Brutalities

So for the Johnny Cage announcer voice, you have to place in the top ten percent of race against Time for this week. those of you that are taking a break from the game for a while should definitely come back ASAP and work at it if you want the Johnny voice. and just to give you an idea of how easy it will be I only completed 8 towers and I am in the top 20% already.

What I found more intriguing however was the fact that they seem to have revamped the reward system a little bit. Completing towers for the first time in their current rotation seems to yield a character specific set of rewards for the character you use in the tower. I thought it was rather odd that I got a Jax skin and gear when I completed the Sub-Zero tower, only to discover the Sub-Zero tower rewards popped up after, and then the total completion rewards for the tower bracket popped up too.

Just to note, these rewards popped up on two boss towers: a sub zero tower and a Sonya/Cassie tag tower. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. But I have received Jax rewards for each tower I completed. so it does seem that they have now incentivised completing towers by offering character-specific rewards when you do actually complete them. I'm working on jax's summon tower requirements so I ran through a few towers with him and receive rewards for each one specific to him. Very cool.

As for unconfirmed stage brutality finishers, somebody on Reddit claim to have seen a new one but did not give specifics so take it with a grain of salt however several other people chimed in and said that they saw one occur in the tekunin lab. might be BS and I have not been able to trigger one yet.

This was a great update.

Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?
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RE: Johnny Cage Announcer Voice Now Available!*
08/08/2019 02:52 AM EST

Hm Ok. Thank you for your effort. I actually hoping NRS adds finally the new brutalities.

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RE: Johnny Cage Announcer Voice Now Available!*
08/08/2019 02:40 PM EST

are those new Brutality animations permanetly replacing the old ones, or they are just changing, just like Taunts or Victory poses? im on PC, not patched yet...

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