Kombat League Decay
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Kombat League Decay
09/08/2019 04:40 PM EST

If I get to demi-god and then decay to grandmaster will I still get the rewards from demi-god when the season ends?

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RE: Kombat League Decay
09/09/2019 02:07 AM EST


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RE: Kombat League Decay
09/09/2019 07:28 AM EST

thats one very positive thing about League, if you get to particular Rank and then fall down, you get all the Gear/Skins from the highest Rank you achieved during particular Season. i finished 10 days of playing and get to Champion on Season 1 and 2, 3rd season i get to Warrior with 1368 points and said to myself i will not play it again, got all the bonuses for 10 days of play, will not get Kung Lao Skins, but yesterday i tried some more fights, i won 3 out of 4 and get top 1566 points, lovely :)

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