Kreate a Friendship! ... Friendship? Again?!
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Kreate a Friendship! ... Friendship? Again?!
05/27/2020 09:21 AM EST
05/27/2020 10:22 AM EST

Rain: Summons a water spiral up to the sky. Teleports to the top, and uses it as a water slide. Jumps for joy like a little kid and does it over and over on a loop.

Johnny Cage Alternate: Cut to black. Spotlights sweep the sky, and camera pans down to a limousine rolling up to a red carpet. Cage steps out and walks the carpet with an unseen crowd cheering from behind dazzling camera flashes. When the Friendship balloons appear, he signs autographs and tosses them out to his fans, blows kisses, and does muscle poses.

Mileena: Uses her sais to crochet dolls of the ninja characters. Holds a tea party with her Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Reptile: Puts on a monkey suit and does silly tricks.

Havik: Rips off his own leg and throws it in the air. Then his arm. Then his head. Hops around on one foot juggling the limbs in one hand.

Cyrax: Releases a bomb that transforms into a basketball hoop with green laser net. Pops a basketball out of his chest and goes for the no-look over-the-shoulder shot. It hits the rim, and you hear the MK2 "Ooh!" sound effect. Then he teleports to catch the rebound, does a flip, and lands an exploding slam dunk. Endless loop of Cyrax doing Harlem Globetrotter tricks.

Sektor: Teleports and transforms into an MK3 arcade cabinet, with a Free Play sign flashing above. Tekunin goons gather around to play and spectate.

Never shake hands with a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. ~ Master Fuji's Fortune Cookie
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