Kronika and One Being: Time and Space; Cetrion and Shinnok: Life and Death; Geras
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Kronika and One Being: Time and Space; Cetrion and Shinnok: Life and Death; Geras
03/09/2019 09:17 PM EST

Before the introduction of Kronika in Mortal Kombat 11 and her role as the Keeper of Time, I remember there was a general belief that Shinnok, as an elder god, didn't need to be of something unlike Raiden, who is a god of thunder. I was wondering if this is still the belief? In particular, with Kronika supposedy more powerful and preexisted Shinnok have to do with time, Shinnok must be an elder god of something too.

But first with Kronika and time, I think it's fitting that she had a partner/spouse that associate with space. Why space? Time and space are suppose to infinite and from the beginning. So who could have control space? I think maybe the One Being. Especially with "all of existence is only dreams of the One Being since his consciousness was shattered into what became the Realms."

The elder gods are their offsprings. The fact that One Being wants to feed off and devour the elder gods maybe parallel Cronus devouring his children. I heard there is a leak out saying Cetrion is Kronika's daughter and Shinnok's sister. After Time and Space, I think the next personification should be Life and Death (what can also be indefinite but can cut short- in Mortal Kombat we see characters can easily die and come back to life) With Shinnok, while join his siblings elder gods to ovethrew their father, One Being (and maybe his mother Kronika as well but not to the extent of shattering her like they did with the One Being-that why she can be a part of MK11 now), he continue their evil ways and want to take over other realms and kill in the process. He should personified Death. Cetrion will personified Life. Unlike other members of her family (Shinnok, Kronika, and One Being) she actually cherish life. In the story trailer, we saw Raiden consulting the elder gods for help and we hear a woman's voice; this is Cetrion whose helping Raiden so life loss could be minimal. It been noted that she's blue. I think this is to show water is the source of life and she can control water. Couple things about that. First, the leafs that's on her, I think they're seaweed. Second, you may reject that she has control of water, given we already met a god in Mortal Kombat Mythology Sub Zero that control water. But more than one gods can control same elements e.g. Poseidon and Oceanus. And I envision Cetrion being a more powerful god of water being an elder god-she control the whole ocean and he just control little bit of water. Third, she could be Rain's mother. Daegon and Taven inherited their fire ability from their mother Delia, so maybe Rain inherited his water power fom Cetrion. And while we have been led to believe that he just a demigod son of a mortal woman and god Argus , remember he was originally just a mortal son of an Edenian general, would be a twist if he was a son of an elder god Cetrion and god.

So that brings me to my last speculation that I think Geras is also an elder god and therefore son of Kronika and One Being and sibling of Shinnok and Cetrion. His control of sand is combination of Kronika and One Being powers. Sand being a part of sand of time. Sand also remind me of desert. Desert makes up of 33% of the Earth surface so he occupies space too. In MK11, it has been said he's Kronika's lackey. I think he's doing so involuntarily, originally neutral in the war, but before the events of MK11, she had something over him.

Anyway, just couple theories.