Let's talk the Switch version
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Let's talk the Switch version
01/14/2019 01:02 PM EST

I think I'm the most excited for the Nintendo Switch version of MK11 - I already have it preordered. Mainly due to the portability aspect as I had an absolute blast playing MK9 on the PSVita. Do you guys think the Switch version will maintain the same release date as the PS4 and X1 versions? If not I may or may not dip for a 2nd copy on one of these consoles. And if the Switch version is pushed out, I hope they give us an exclusive character or something like they did with Khameleon for the Wii version of MKA. Hopefully MK11 isn't being developed with the switch as the LCD but regardless I think the game will look amazing on the system and perform great when undocked if Mortal Kombat Vita is any indication.

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RE: Let's talk the Switch version
01/14/2019 01:51 PM EST

As of right now, I only have the ps4 version preordered. Like you, I'm heavily considering it because of the portability aspect of it all. I haven't preordered the switch version yet mainly because I need to, at the minimum, know that NRS is developing it in house and not handing it over to a third party to port over. If a third party is involved, I'll likely just wait for reviews/word of mouth about the switch version's performance, especially in handheld mode.

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RE: Let's talk the Switch version
01/14/2019 01:53 PM EST

According to a UK retailer the Switch version is coming out on 10th May. I am going to get it anyway so I can play on the go, at work mostly.

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RE: Let's talk the Switch version
01/14/2019 07:20 PM EST

I'm getting this one as a secon copy most likely, my main one will be on the PS4 but I would love to be able to play it on the Switch for my breaks in school or the office.

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