Liam Neeson "CharActor" Portrayel's.
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Liam Neeson "CharActor" Portrayel's.
03/10/2021 12:56 PM EST
03/12/2021 01:41 PM EST

We need to see Ra's Al Gul in Injustice or some kind of special apearance from Liam Neeson's Character portrayels in Mortal Kombat Im hoping it to be part of the story I've Been a Fan of Liam Neeson since I was a Kid he deserves it.

There is Actually a Real Kool Story Behind this... My GrandFather Had a small role in the movie Eathan Frome and actually shook his hand on fillm and siad "How do you do?" Lol I Know it seems small but Imagine how Legendary this image would grow in your mind from when you were born in 1990 being a huge Film buff and one of The Biggest Fans of MK...That Midway and WB NRS Mortal Kombat could have I really want to see The MK Elder God's turn Liu Kang into the Monkey King (Spoiler Alert!!!) after he Trains The Great Kung Lao and Dies in Kombat then the Great Kung Lao can fill in the shoes of the monk Tripitaka in a MK style retelling of Journey To the West. But it would Please my Heart to see Liam as a guest CharActor as Zues from Clash or Wrath of the Titans ill let NRS fill in the Blanks Between journey to the west and Zues.... Qui Gon Ginn From Star Wars Could be another one Really any of Liams Character Portrayels...R.I.P Grampa. We miss your Legendary Butt.

I Do Not Have a PC and Cannot Use Discord ATM...Sorry.

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