Looks Like NRS is Hiring alot of People.
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Looks Like NRS is Hiring alot of People.
05/09/2021 05:42 PM EDT
05/09/2021 10:46 PM EDT

Is this all for MK12 or KOMBAT Pack 3.... THOUGHTS????????????

I Just Want to Say to the Folks that get Hired to be Kind and Kurteous to all of your fellow workers it helps make the work place to be more productive, if this is for MK12 if you work together to make this the Best MK you Possibbly can is all that matters Work hard, do What is set, Kick butt and make Dreams and Memories Happen. This Will be Remembered Throughout all Time. Make This Your opportunity part of your life Highlight Reel Montage.. I Know I Would If I had any of the Amazing skills any of you have. Who ever all the new employee's are. We are proud of you and we Got your Back. Just Make sure you do the same for everyone there with you.. You Can Do It, Good Luck NetherRealm. I Know we are in for a Wonderful and Amazing Experience Thanks to all The People who Fill these slots and to those already there Thank You to all these Amazing People. HYPE IS REAL FOLKS!!!! The New Era, IT HAS BEGUN!!!

I Do Not Have a PC and Cannot Use Discord ATM...Sorry.

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