Maximum Amount of Koins
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Maximum Amount of Koins
06/01/2019 09:57 AM EST
Is 9,999,999 Koins the maximum amount. While I was in Towers of Time I noticed I was loosing Koins and it kept reverting to 9,999,999 even when it reaches 10,000,000 Koins?. any help
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RE: Maximum Amount of Koins
06/04/2019 02:30 AM EST

The server keeps counting past that. Sometimes when you do AI Battle or some other mode (I forget which one exactly) it'll show you your real coin count when you get your earnings. Last time I saw it, mine was over 12 million.

I broke my bank a while before I even set foot in the Krypt, and after opening everything except the Kytinn Hive (and also spending a couple hundred thousand rerolling gear slots) I still haven't dipped below 9,999,999.

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