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03/18/2022 10:03 AM EDT
03/19/2022 10:49 PM EDT

Microtransactions are Turning In-Game currency into Real money?

I Just Noticed Something about Micro Transaction's that Dont make Sense to me. You can Buy or Collect in game Currency Then Use That Currency as Real Currency to Purchase Stuff But Either Way Whether You Purchase it or Collect There Will Be Real Money Going to a Bank Account Once its Spent... So is that The way That Works Basically The Game Creates its own Money for the Developers Threw Earned Time Chrystal's? Sounds Kool for People Banking off it But Dont make sense it almost sound's like a Crime lol. Where Would that Physical Money Come From or is it like intellectual Product Governmentally Funded or something?

Or Maybe The earned Currencies Cash is Earned Threw the Purchased Currencies Transactions like an atm or sumthing. This Makes me want to start an atm Buisness $3.75 a Transaction lol.

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